13 Apps Actually Worth Downloading

Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter.

Clipboard01Over the last several days, I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to make my computer, and my work environment (which is almost entirely based around my computer) better. My computer was getting bogged down with unnecessary and useless software and data, and my system of using it was broken.

My first step was to uninstall every application on my computer, other than a Web browser (I actually kept two – Firefox and Chrome). Then, I attempted to go about my life without a single piece of software actually running on my computer.

I failed.

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Un-Tech: Mint

51069522_fa3dd37b07 This is the first part in what should be a really interesting series, called “Un-Tech.”

On the Web, there’s typically one type of person whose opinions we see – the seasoned vet, who has used these applications forever, magically and inherently gets how to use them, and understands how the Web works.

Here’s the reality – most people aren’t like that. Most don’t have the experience, the knowledge, or the trust to deal with certain applications and situations.

So, that said, I tapped two people who are certainly not in the realm of the techies: my parents! I sent them each a link to an application, and told them to get to know it. Check it out, play around, and report back. Without further ado, here’s the first one: my mom Dianne, and mint.com.

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Exploration: Finding and Using New Sites

web20map This is a guest post from Squealer over at SquealingRat. Head over there for tons of great articles about the Web, technology, and all manner of coolness.

In 2005, I received an invite to a relatively new and interesting new email service, Google Mail. I immediately switched my email over to Google Mail, also called Gmail, and encouraged my friends to do the same. But one of my friends refused to go to this beta, justifying that the email service would soon die out and you would loose all of your email.

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