Back Up Your Tumblr

I’m always wary of using sites like Tumblr, which don’t let you own your content – what if they go away?

I love Tumblr for doing this, because it shows two things: one, they’re not worried about you going elsewhere. Two, they want you to own your data, not Tumblr or anyone else. Very cool, and totally endears me to the company. – The Tumblr Backup app is ready for its first beta….

Keep Your Online Life Safe With Backupify

Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter.

It’s staggering how much information I now have online, in a place that I can’t control or own. Facebook has become my default photo album; Twitter’s where a lot of communication happens; Gmail’s where everything piece of important information in my life currently resides. And I don’t think I’m alone in that.

Most of the time, that’s not a problem. But what if Twitter suddenly shuts down? Or Facebook decides to take its ball and go home? Or, perhaps more likely, what if Google closes your account after it’s been hacked or misused (which has happened more than once)? Then, frankly, we’d be screwed. But not if you have Backupify. Backupify is a brand-new tool that is incredibly hard to type for some reason, but is also incredibly useful.

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Keep Your Files Backed Up, In Sync, And Always Available

Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter.

Online document

Call me crazy, in a world full of people switching to Web apps and solutions for everything they do, but I still like Microsoft Office.

I know, I’m a Web 2.0 hypocrite, and I should be using Google Docs, or Zoho, or OpenOffice – well, I’m perfectly happy with my current solution. Except when it doesn’t work.

See, all my documents are currently offline – they’re synchronized across all the computers I use regularly, but what about when I’m at an Internet Café, or a computer lab at a library? Maybe those computers don’t have Word, or don’t have a version of Word I’m used to. In that case, it’d be great to have access to something like Google Docs, where I could store and edit all my files online, and have them be accessible from everywhere.

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6 Ways to Backup And Recover Important Data

Post by The 2.0 Life contributor Squealing Rat. Find him on Twitter.

Backup keyTalking to a friend about 2 weeks ago left me stunned after hearing one amazing comment. “Backup? Oh, I press the save button every once in a while.” What? NO! Are you kidding? Writing your thesis and not backing up in at least 7 different places?

Well, for all of the students out there (or anyone with stuff you’d rather not lose when your hard drive inevitably goes south), this is how you quickly and easily backup anything, and everything, everywhere.

1. First things, first. Press save. Every minute. Or every two minutes. But seriously, the best thing you can do is press save. Because that triggers the next 6 or so things I am going to suggest.

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Your Music Everywhere with

5892567_853fb169c5 has long been a favorite application of mine. It’s a great way to store and share files of just about any type, and makes for a cool multimedia blog by itself. has just gotten even better (or at least more versatile) with a new release called It’s a great way to create music playlists that you can listen to from anywhere, share with your friends, and even use to Tweet your music.

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Sync Your Life Everywhere with Dropbox

dropbox I’ve talked about a couple of different backup services here before- after experiences I’ve had with losing data, I can’t recommend highly enough finding a way to back up your files.

The irritating thing about document backup is that it’s just one more thing for you to remember to do- a web page or application to launch, and a task you’ve always got to have at the back of your mind.

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Go Green, Get 100GB Online Storage Space


A lot of deforestation, the cutting down of trees en masse that’s causing major environmental problems in the world right now, is because there’s a HUGE amount of paper that’s used, every day, to print documents that really don’t need to be printed. Hard copies are used for backup, sharing, and other things that could be better done, not to mention paperlessly done, on the Web.

Backup site File Dropper is out to make it worth your while to be greener, and what they’ve got is awfully compelling. They’re offering free, lifetime accounts with 100GB storage space to all those who make “green” pledges for 2009.

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