Find The Answers to All Life's Questions

This is a guest post by Squealer from Squealing Rat.


Getting answers to your questions is becoming an increasingly popular service to offer on the internet. Now there are several services that are different takes on this concept.

(David’s note: there are a couple of services here that are currently in an invite-only beta. We’ve gotten a few invites for each one to give to you, our wonderful readers. See the end of this post for how to score an invite – make sure to stay tuned, we’ll let you know when they go public!)

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5-Minute Mastery


Got five minutes? Got a hankering to learn how to cut poker chips, or do shiatsu massage? There’s a solution.

5min, a DIY site, is built around just this premise- videos are no longer than five minutes, and show you how to do one particular thing. There are a ton of videos on the site, most of which are really helpful.

You can see how many views each video gets, as well as its rating, which gives a sense of how good, or not, the video is. For instance, the most viewed video on the site is about how to paint a picture of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, in lightning-fast time.

One of the things I like the most about the site is that you can slow the video down, or view it frame-by-frame. The videos can sometimes go fast, but you can control the speed, and essentially go at your own pace. You can make the video brighter, or zoom in on one confusing part- all features designed to let you learn as you need to, and not have to do it in only five minutes.

For all those who like doing everything themselves, but often have no idea how to, 5min is a great site. I’m watching a video about how to do a Pop Shove It Tail Grab on a skateboard, which is difficult because I’m at my desk, don’t own a skateboard, and have never done anything on a skateboard in my life. But he makes it look so simple, I can definitely do it. I just learned a Pop Shove It Tail Grab, I rule!

Check the site out here, and learn some cool new stuff.

Plus- you, too, can learn to do a Pop Shove It Tail Grab. Don’t know what that is? It’s cool, me neither. But you can learn: