Get SMS Alerts With Google Calendar

gcal_400_300One of the historical criticisms of online app packages, like Google Calendar, is that they lacked the sophistication and integration of desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook. Those criticisms have become quieter of late as Google adds more functionality and integration to its web apps and more companies find the expense of Outlook and the overhead of Exchange to be unnecessary in the age of smartphones.

Google wisely went the direction of unifying their services on both a web platform and via apps that provide the same functionality across a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets. As functionality has built up over the years there are sometimes features that slip by even seasoned professionals.

Integration of Calendar with SMS

I’m continually surprised how many people don’t know they can set up their Google Calendar to send them SMS reminders. Even though that feature has been around for some time it’s not well advertised.

Just go to Google Calendars


Click on Mobile Setup up in the top menu

Type in your mobile number and click Send Verification Code

Type in the verification code you get via text and you’re off to the races.

When you edit an event you’ll discover a new SMS option for getting reminders. Maybe this feature slips by notice is that most people are using email reminders and apps for their calendars.

Either way it’s a handy feature and I expect even greater integration from Google as the development rolls on.