Eight Easy Ways To Store And Share Your Files Online

Emailing files back and forth can be a pain, especially with the varying file limits. This is how I share and store files.

Sharing Photos and Files Smaller Than 25 mb Quickly

For the small items, like pictures, little audio clips and PDFs, I use CloudApp, a small menubar applet that you can drag and drop files on. The design and speed is lovely. You can upload up to 10 files per day (25 MB per file) or pay $5 per month to upload unlimited files (with a per file cap at 250 MB). With the pro account, they’ll even allow you to use your own domain name to share custom links.

For Windows users, and those just looking for a CloudApp alternative, there’s Droplr, a service I used to use which has a drag and drop web app, along with Mac, Windows and iOS applications.

Sharing Photos and Files Quickly Using Your Own FTP Server

I recently discovered FileShuttle, an application that works much like CloudApp, but allows you to upload directly to your own server or host. Because it uses your own FTP server, the only file limits lie with your host, which in my case with Dreamhost (affiliate link), is the sky. The one minor annoyance I’ve found is with the automatic appendage of a random string of characters at the end of the file URL for security purposes. That feature should be optional.

Sharing From Your Dropbox

Whenever I can, I mention to computer users that they should be using Dropbox (affiliate link- we both get an extra 1/4 of a GB in storage with your signup). I love Dropbox, and use it to store all my non-sensitive documents in the cloud. My favorite part of the service is the synchronization capabilities that ensure that all your computers, phones and tablets have all your files. Dropbox also saves every version of your files, which is nice if you realize that you’ve deleted something that you shouldn’t have.

For those weary of Dropbox, I’d recommend Spideroak (affiliate link- we both get 1 GB extra storage for life), which offers better security.

Sharing From Your Browser

For those who don’t like installing applications on their computers, there’s a slew of services out there for you. In the past, I’ve used Ge.tt, which gives you 2 GBs, Crate which gives you one month of unlimited service for free, and Minus which gives you 50 GBs with a per file cap of 1 GB.

What do you use to store and share files? Let us know in the comments!

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6 Ways to Share Your Documents Online

This is a guest post from Srikanth, who writes at Tech Inspiration about tips, gadgets and technology. For more, check out his profile on LinkedIn.

iStock_000004637317XSmallThe increased capacity for document sharing online enables users to share their work among many people, in ways much easier than in the past. Moreover, others can find relevant information from the original work of the contributors.

Document sharing sites are really helpful for large organizations, schools and universities; even small business organizations can represent their clients using these services.

You can read the submission from millions of users and most of the sites support various document formats such that users can view the documents directly within the browser.

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The Simplest Solutions to 5 Things We All Do Online

Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter.

90811910_4bd1985f37For many of us, much of our time spent on the Internet is spent doing a few things. We do a lot of the same things, over and over, and those tasks are often what cost us a ton of time and annoyance, because we’re not using the right tools.

For instance, take making a list. There are about 10,000,000 apps that help you make a list. Most of those applications are too complicated, too useless, and too difficult to actually be worth using – but we use them anyway, because we need to make a task list.

For certain things, simplicity is the unquestioned name of the game – the app that does what we need it to, the fastest, is the one we should be using.

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5 Applications for Extreme Time-Saving

Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter.

2554856359_71d2f6e242I’m always looking for that little edge in my work – the application, trick or tool that will save me even more time, get things done faster and simpler, and generally make my life just the tiniest bit less hectic. The way I see it, all I have to do is set up about 800,000 of those, and I won’t actually have to do anything, ever again!

Now, you could argue (and probably be right) that I spend more time looking for ways to save time than it would take to actually get stuff done – but that’s beside the point. The excitement behind finding an application that makes my life faster and easier is totally worth all the lost productivity.

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Store and Edit Documents Online With ADrive

1250519014_91455825bd I’ve had computers crash, I’ve lost thumb drives, I’ve (literally) thrown a hard drive down five stories thinking it wouldn’t break. It did, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I thought it was a good idea to do that. Moral of the story is, I’m not to be trusted with keeping data from getting erased.

Thankfully, not even I can break the Internet. I’ve started using a number of different cloud-storage options to keep my files safe, available from everywhere, and easily accessible for myself and others. I’ve used, and liked, Dropbox, as well as a few others.

My personal favorite, though, has got to be ADrive, a service I only just recently found out about. Its first huge draw, if nothing else, is the massive amount of storage it offers – 50GB is nothing to sneeze at. There are paid versions that offer even more, up to 1TB, but I can’t imagine ever needing more than 50GB to keep my critical documents backed up.

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Sync Your Life Everywhere with Dropbox

dropbox I’ve talked about a couple of different backup services here before- after experiences I’ve had with losing data, I can’t recommend highly enough finding a way to back up your files.

The irritating thing about document backup is that it’s just one more thing for you to remember to do- a web page or application to launch, and a task you’ve always got to have at the back of your mind.

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Go Green, Get 100GB Online Storage Space


A lot of deforestation, the cutting down of trees en masse that’s causing major environmental problems in the world right now, is because there’s a HUGE amount of paper that’s used, every day, to print documents that really don’t need to be printed. Hard copies are used for backup, sharing, and other things that could be better done, not to mention paperlessly done, on the Web.

Backup site File Dropper is out to make it worth your while to be greener, and what they’ve got is awfully compelling. They’re offering free, lifetime accounts with 100GB storage space to all those who make “green” pledges for 2009.

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Upload and Share Files All Over the Internet

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest difficulties I have on the Internet is needing to send people files that are too large for emails. I have a movie sitting on my hard drive that’s nearly 1GB in size, which is approximately 100x too large to send in a Gmail email. It’s a problem.

Rapidspread, though, is a new service that’s solving that problem for me. Here’s how it works: You upload a file to their servers, and it then distributes the file to up to 10 different servers. Some of the most popular file-hosting servers, Rapidshare and Sendspace, are included, as well as a host of other ones. (Pun intended.) All you then have to do is share your link with whoever you want- the world, one person, whatever. They click the links, and can download the file quickly and easily. Continue reading