Would You Pay $1,000 For a Graphics Card?

TN-128872_GF_GTX_Titan_Final.jpgIf you don’t think $1,000 is too much to have the most powerful graphics card on the market, one suitable to drive a gaming supercomputer, then NVIDIA has a deal for you in the form of the GeForce GTX Titan.

The specs are truly mind-boggling in scope; over 7 billion transistors and 2,668 GPU cores delivering 4.5 Teraflops of single precision and 1.3 Teraflops of double precision processing power. A graphics card that’s nearly as powerful than any of the military research systems I worked on several years ago.

One expects a certain amount of hyperbole from company execs but this time they have grounds for bragging. “GeForce GTX TITAN is a beast of a GPU — and the only one in the world powerful enough to play any game at any resolution at any time,” said Scott Herkelman, general manager of the GeForce business unit at NVIDIA.

The card is expected to be available next week, so save room in that new $10,000 gaming machine you’re building and make sure you have at least $999 in your bank account.