10 WordPress Plugins Every New Blogger Should Install

This is a guest post from Bill Breen of Effective Development.

2058130092_ebcda6658c I am relatively new to blogging, but I have been in the field of web development for 10 years now.  When I began blogging I had a huge interest in the workings of my site – even as much as the content. So I started looking for WordPress Plugins that would be useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and user growth.

As full featured as WordPress is, I was amazed at all the widgets, plugins and tools that are available to WordPress users.  So I set to work installing and tinkering with various plugins in order to get my site in working order.

This list of 10 plugins will be of benefit for any new or even established blog using WordPress. Most of them deal with getting traffic and exposure on both the front and back end.

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Exploration: Finding and Using New Sites

web20map This is a guest post from Squealer over at SquealingRat. Head over there for tons of great articles about the Web, technology, and all manner of coolness.

In 2005, I received an invite to a relatively new and interesting new email service, Google Mail. I immediately switched my email over to Google Mail, also called Gmail, and encouraged my friends to do the same. But one of my friends refused to go to this beta, justifying that the email service would soon die out and you would loose all of your email.

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