5 Of The Most Unusual Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2012

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular in recent years as everyone from entrepreneurs to film-makers, bands and journalists has recognized that using the internet as a medium to generate investment for a project can be highly effective. Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are now widely used by those seeking to pitch their project to members of the public. 2012 saw a number of highly successful crowdfunding campaigns with some truly original campaigning being carried out in order to persuade the public to donate their cash. Here’s a few of the more bizarre crowdfunding successes from last year.

Griz Coat

bearOn Kickstarter
The makers of this coat with a difference stated: ”We wanted to look like we were actually donning a grizzly bear.” So they asked the public for $2,500 via Kickstarter to get a professional costume designer to make a coat that would have all the necessary features including a fake bear head, claws and teeth. Such was the demand for the Griz coat that the founders have now raised over $29,000 to date and have sold out of their first batch. They’re also now working on a polar bear version.

Who Gives a Crap

On IndieGoGo
This pun-heavy campaign aimed to raise $50,000 via IndieGoGo to launch a new brand of recyclable toilet paper. The toilet paper would not only be better for the environment but would also contribute to a good cause; half of the profits going towards Water Aid helping to build toilets in the developing world. The campaign was notable for its promotional campaign which involved the filming of one of its founders sitting on a toilet for 50 hours in a bid to raise enough orders to start pre-production. The campaign was a resounding success exceeding its target by more than $15,000 and the founders are now attempting to reach a new goal of $100,000. Puns such as “saving the world from the bottom up” were in abundance throughout the whole campaign.

Chattanooga Tennessee Font

On Kickstarter
One of the more obscure crowdfunding successes of 2012 was the campaign to raise $10,000 to create a new typeface for the city of Chattanooga in Tennessee. The new font was intended to sum up the personality of the city and help in its branding. The designers intended for the font to be featured on everything from street signs to bike lanes and tourist material. The aim was also to set the precedent for municipal branding in the whole of the USA. The campaign was a success with over $11,000 being raised.

The World’s First Pizza Museum

pizzaOn Kickstarter
Pizza Brain was a large collection of pizza memorabilia in Philadelphia put together by a few young artists and pizza lovers. Out of this they wanted to create the world’s first pizza museum, so they asked for $15,000 to build and furnish a museum space with a pizzeria alongside it. They managed to exceed their funding target and as a result have curated this museum which traces the history of pizza culture through music, cinema and advertising. Following extensive media coverage, the museum was bombarded with items from pizza enthusiasts all over the world to use in its collection.

Atlanta’s First Squirrel Census

On Kickstarter
This campaign billed itself as a unique project that combined science, storytelling and the Eastern Grey Squirrel. Over twenty volunteers spent the Spring of 2012 counting the squirrels of Inman Park in Atlanta. The findings were then made into a series of infographic prints given to those who’d donated.

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