How the Best and Brightest Use Their Computers

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How do we learn, well, anything? We watch how others do it. It’s how I learned to throw a baseball, smoke a cigar, drive a car, open a can (poorly–don’t ask), and so many other things.

Computers are no exception, either. The best way to learn which software you should use, which computer to use, how to set it up, and what the heck to do with it all, is to see exactly how they do it. In the tech world, people often will review products that might be great, but that they don’t use themselves; the best of the best, tend to be used by the best of the best.

A few smart people, around the Web, have been compiling and sharing what those people are doing—from their favorite software, to the contents of their bag, to what their desk looks like.

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Unplug Yourself. Sparingly.

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golf This is a post I never, ever thought I’d be writing.

One of the new popular things to talk about in productivity circles is "unplugging." The idea is that so much of what we’re logged in and connected to is just a time sink – Twitter, instant messengers, and the like. So, even for people who work with and through the Web, sometimes logging off can be a huge boon to our productivity. I’ve always thought that was crap.

This weekend, I went to the US Open golf championship. By the way, golf is officially the most frustrating sport on the planet. Basketball, football  – they all do things I know I’m not able to do. But Tiger’s golf swing doesn’t look all that different from mine! Except, you know, the whole "going in the hole, making me millions, and attracting supermodels to me" thing. Very frustrating.

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Want to Retire Early? Learn From Those Who Can

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PileOfMoney1 Ah, retirement. No work, no boss, nothing to do. Just play golf, smoke cigars, and hang out. Sounds awful.

If you’re looking for a way to get out of the corporate world or whatever you’re doing right now, make a ridiculous amount of money, and retire whenever you darn well please, one great way to get started is to take a look at how some people who do what you want to do well, do it.

That’s the premise behind Retire@21, a site all about how young entrepreneurs are making it in the world. The site has, among a bunch of other useful and interesting tools and stories, a series of fascinating interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, particularly in the Web world.

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Find Friends, Colleagues, Lovers and Anyone Else on Twitter with Tweepz

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Finding people on Twitter can be tough – many people’s usernames (myself included) are different from their real names, and Twitter’s search isn’t the most helpful if you’re trying to figure out which David Pierce you’re trying to find on Twitter.

For that purpose, I use Tweepz, a great Twitter-extending people search engine. Tweepz searches through biographies, names, and usernames to figure out who it is that you’re really looking for.

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5 Ways to Find Just About Anyone

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2589377492_4d5a732f29 In the old days (you know, like the 1990s?), people used to connect in ways that the new generation knows nothing about. In fact, if I told a 10 year old with a laptop that his grandparents lived without the Internet and only a simple phone that could only call people, his jaw would probably drop.

Now, despite all the many technological innovations of the last several decades, many members of older generations are still living by these, shall we say, ancient habits.

Here are some new, tech-involved ways to do the tasks that the oldies used to do with rotary phones:

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