How To Get Things Done in the Car (And Live to Tell the Tale)

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We begin today with a fun fact: when you drive, the thing you should do is drive. Not text, not read emails, not read Atlas Shrugged, not brush your teeth while doing your makeup. Crazy, right? Yet, somehow, I’ve seen all these things being done while the driver hurtles at unnatural speeds toward large objects both moving and inanimate.

There’s a balance to be struck somewhere between single-tasking on the road, and ultimate productivity. The balance, I think, is technology. There are a bunch of applications and services out there that will let you get done the things you need to get done, all while keeping your eyes and (most of) your focus on the road.

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How to Buy a Cell Phone

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I love gadgets. I know—surprising, right? I love ‘em, I read about ‘em, I talk about ‘em to the point where everyone hates me, and I buy ‘em in droves. Some say it’s a problem to have four screens, three laptops, too many phones and not enough money for a cup of coffee, but I say it’s all about priorities.

Over the last few months I’ve figured out there’s one thing I’m terrible at shopping for: cell phones. I bought a new phone in January, and over the last four months have hated it so furiously and fervently that I’m seriously debating buying a new one already.

The problem isn’t that the phone is broken, or defective, or just a bad device. The problem is that it’s absolutely 100% the wrong phone for me. 98% of the time, I need a phone for three things (other than, you know, phone calls): texting, checking email, and getting un-lost 39 times a day. Pretty much any phone out there can do those things by now, so I thought the world was my oyster. I went for cheap and small, and bought a Droid Eris.

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The Best Android Apps Out There (aka So I Bought a Droid Eris)

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I’m a bit of a gadget fiend. I had this terrible trend of always buying the one-behind gadget to save money, and then having constant, crippling gadget envy that would force me to upgrade—always right before a new one came out. It’s a vicious cycle.

But this time, I made the smart choice. I went out and said “to heck with you, money! I’m going to get whatever phone my little heart desires.” I went and tested just about every phone Verizon has (because a phone’s no good without decent service, AT&T), and eventually bought the Droid Eris. I’ve now had it for a few days, and let me tell you – I couldn’t be happier.

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5 Ways to Find Just About Anyone

Post by Squealer from Squealing Rat. Find Squealer on Twitter.

2589377492_4d5a732f29 In the old days (you know, like the 1990s?), people used to connect in ways that the new generation knows nothing about. In fact, if I told a 10 year old with a laptop that his grandparents lived without the Internet and only a simple phone that could only call people, his jaw would probably drop.

Now, despite all the many technological innovations of the last several decades, many members of older generations are still living by these, shall we say, ancient habits.

Here are some new, tech-involved ways to do the tasks that the oldies used to do with rotary phones:

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Get Email On Your Phone- Any Phone

Between iPhones, Blackberries and the like, more and more people seem to have access to their email on their phones. For many people, though, this isn’t the case.Smartphones are expensive, and come with data plans that are even more expensive. For those who don’t constantly need access to their email and calendar, and don’t want the Internet on their tiny phone screen, and certainly don’t want to pay for it, there aren’t usually other options.

Or maybe there are options. Cybernet has reported on a potentially great alternative to data plans, which involves getting your emails through SMS. What does this mean? It means that emails can be changed to text messages, and then forwarded to your phone for no cost other than what you would pay for a text message. Continue reading

Phonin' It In

Other than my wallet, there’s nothing I have with me more often than my cell phone. It rides in my pocket, my trusty sidekick where ever I go. I know this is true for a lot of people, and more all the time.

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