How Free Call Software is Changing the Phone Industry and How we Talk to Each Other

Technology is revolutionary and has a continuous affect on the world we live in. As a new technology is discovered, the existing technology is going to be dramatically altered, and even sacrificed. TV killed the radio star; the mobile phone made landlines obsolete, and now free calling software is changing how we communicate and altering the well-established phone industry. 

The Phone Industry

The phone industry has experienced faster and more dramatic changes in recent years then it has seen in the past 2 decades. Although it’s not great news for the phone industry, it is great news for customers who have been at the mercy of unfair bills, expensive plans, and restrictions.

The Internet and smart phones have had a dramatic impact on just about every sector in the world, and the lucrative phone industry isn’t exempt. The web, smart phones, and tablets have matured, improved, and become undeniably reliable at delivering information and connecting people. These free call software platforms have no networks, no hardware, spend very little on marketing and can be run by a minimal amount of people. This means that they can keep their prices extremely low, free in most cases, and force the phone industry to become more competitive. In Denmark, telecommunications have made threats to block free software communications because of the imbalance on network costs. Although most countries telecommunications are not making the same threat, they are feeling the pressure to create their own VoIP programs (of course, not for free.)

Today millions of people use free call software such as Skype, Viber, apple’s iMessage and FaceTime, Tango, or the new free call player KNCTR, and many more. Therefore, people are disconnecting from their 3G or 4G network, connecting to WiFi and sending free text messages and making free phone calls – without wasting the expensive data plans. Why would you spend 9¢ per minute to call your friend traveling to France, when you can use Skype for free – and with video?

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The mobile phone corporations are trying to determine how long can they hold onto their current revenue models and IDC predict that free phone call software is rapidly on the rise. Although the majority of Phone Corporation’s revenue is still coming from SMS and voice rather than data, the model of charging by minutes or SMS is becoming increasingly distant from the reality. Although free software calling isn’t a replacement for a regular mobile phone plan or landline just yet, the phone industry is facing an upheaval in the face of free call software.

The Way We Communicate

If you’ve spent sometime around a smart phone or the internet lately then you know that there are seemingly new free calling software programs created every day to help you stay in touch domestically and internationally. Free Internet calling software has dramatically changed the way we communicate and how often. Skype revealed that its users spend more than 2-billion minutes per day using its VoIP services.

Free communication software has virtually done away with time zones, distance, boarders, and roaming cost. People no longer have to wait 10-days to hear about their family’s vacation, or look at photos to remember the face of their loved ones. We can now be in constant communication with our friends and families from all corners of the world – for free.

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Free calling software hasn’t just changed the personal world, but the corporate world too. It has provided reliable and viable alternatives to expensive communication methods, made it possible for video conference calls, and has made connecting with partners all around the world easy and cost-effective. This has had a direct effect on how and where business done, making it more effective for both the business owner and the customer.

Technology is going to continue changing the world, as we know it. Rather you are using a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, you can take advantage of the free calling software that continues to improve on both quality and reliability. Free calling software is changing established business models and how company’s conduct business, but one of the best changes is that free calling software has made distance irrelevant and brought the world closer together.

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