MobileMe is a No-Brainer for Mac Users

Post by Josie from the great Geekulous blog. Find her on Twitter.

mobilemeAs an Apple fangirl I feel it is my duty to convert all of my PC using friends and family members to Macs, freeing them once and for all of their suffering of blue screens of death, unknown errors and other PC related stressors.

Once I’ve succeeded in converting them one of the first questions I get (aside from, ‘how do I right click?’) is – “should I get MobileMe?”  My answer is always a resounding YES!!!

Some people view MobileMe as a way for Apple to get more money out of you, but they couldn’t be more wrong.  I have found that this misconception is due a misunderstanding of exactly how MobileMe can be utilized.  MobileMe is a necessary utility to keep your life in sync and is essential for anyone who works on different computers or works in multiple environments.

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Sync Your Whole Computing World With Syncables

Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter.

Computer Network

I rarely, if ever, recommend non-free software to you on this site. Thanks to this awesome Internet thing, there’s almost always a free option that’s as good or better than the paid one, and I know that spending money on computer applications gets harder and harder as computer users get savvier and savvier finding free stuff.

But, until now, no application could handle all my computing needs.

See, I’ve got three computers. I have a Windows notebook (an HP Dv6), a Macbook Pro (the 13”), and a Netbook (the HP Mini 1000), and I use them all for different things.

The Dv6 is my stalwart, the always-on, super-powerful computer that holds my data, plays my games and my movies, and rarely leaves my apartment. The Macbook is my workhorse, where I do most of my work for school and otherwise (like writing this post, for instance). The netbook goes with me when I’m going away, and never coming back. Its battery lasts forever, it’s tiny and rugged, and is perfect for the basic tasks when I don’t have room for, or just don’t want to carry, a heavier computer.

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Keep Your Files Backed Up, In Sync, And Always Available

Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter.

Online document

Call me crazy, in a world full of people switching to Web apps and solutions for everything they do, but I still like Microsoft Office.

I know, I’m a Web 2.0 hypocrite, and I should be using Google Docs, or Zoho, or OpenOffice – well, I’m perfectly happy with my current solution. Except when it doesn’t work.

See, all my documents are currently offline – they’re synchronized across all the computers I use regularly, but what about when I’m at an Internet Café, or a computer lab at a library? Maybe those computers don’t have Word, or don’t have a version of Word I’m used to. In that case, it’d be great to have access to something like Google Docs, where I could store and edit all my files online, and have them be accessible from everywhere.

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6 Ways to Backup And Recover Important Data

Post by The 2.0 Life contributor Squealing Rat. Find him on Twitter.

Backup keyTalking to a friend about 2 weeks ago left me stunned after hearing one amazing comment. “Backup? Oh, I press the save button every once in a while.” What? NO! Are you kidding? Writing your thesis and not backing up in at least 7 different places?

Well, for all of the students out there (or anyone with stuff you’d rather not lose when your hard drive inevitably goes south), this is how you quickly and easily backup anything, and everything, everywhere.

1. First things, first. Press save. Every minute. Or every two minutes. But seriously, the best thing you can do is press save. Because that triggers the next 6 or so things I am going to suggest.

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Sync Your Life Everywhere with Dropbox

dropbox I’ve talked about a couple of different backup services here before- after experiences I’ve had with losing data, I can’t recommend highly enough finding a way to back up your files.

The irritating thing about document backup is that it’s just one more thing for you to remember to do- a web page or application to launch, and a task you’ve always got to have at the back of your mind.

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Sync Google and Your Life With NuevaSync


Let’s file this one under “things that are so great, I assumed everyone already knew about them.”

I’ve become a die-hard Google user- email, calendar, contacts, and increasingly even my tasks are all managed using Google products.

I’m also a die-hard user of my Windows Mobile phone and my iPod Touch. They’re where most of my productivity happens, and any system I use has to be able to work seamlessly with those two things.

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