What's in My Browser: David Pierce

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This is the second in a series of posts, about what we all use in our browsers. They’re now where we spend most of our time, and everyone’s got it tweaked a little differently. Here’s mine.

After recently converting to Mac, I had a chance to completely refresh my computing habits. I didn’t install anything up-front, and only installed what I needed as I went along. That’s made my browser faster, leaner, and without some of the extra nonsense I didn’t really need anyway. Here’s how it looks now:

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What's in My Browser: Squealing Rat

logos(David’s note: We’re starting a new series here at the 2.0 Life, called “What’s in Your Browser?” The browser, it seems, is the new go-bag: everyone’s got it customized, right down to the nitty-gritty, to help them browse better, or faster, or more productively.

We all use browsers differently, and I get a kick out of seeing how other people have customized the “same” browser I use, sometimes to the point you can’t even tell it’s the same.

Our first submission comes from a regular contributor to The 2.0 Life, Squealing Rat.

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