Take Simple, Shareable, Accessible Notes With Notepad.cc

By Sidney H. Alexander

February 13, 2018

Now that you’ve got a bunch of different devices for a bunch of different purposes, having access to certain information becomes a slightly more complicated procedure. If you found directions on Google Maps, you email yourself the link and the directions so that you can get them from the road.

There are plenty of powerful, feature-rich ways to get your notes and information from wherever you are, like Evernote and Simplenote, and there’s even an app for that (it’s called Pastebot, and is pretty darn cool).

But if all you need is a basic, one-step way to share information with yourself and others, there’s a better solution: it’s called notepad.cc, and it’s “a piece of paper in the cloud.”

Here’s how it works: Go to the notepad.cc website – you’ll see a blank “sheet of paper” with a dedicated URL in the address bar. Add text, links, or whatever to it. Then, when you go to that URL on any other device, all that text, links, or whatever will be there. I’ve used it on my iPad, my Blackberry and my iPod Touch, all working perfectly – edit the page from anywhere, view it from anywhere. The page is endlessly long (or at least really long – I got bored finding out before the page ran out). Want a separate, new note? Just go to notepad.cc again.

There’s an option to add a password or change the URL, for your further convenience and privacy. You can also share, in one click, the notepad.cc page – perfect for sharing quick research and information with others who don’t want to deal with a whole email or new software.

Since it’s such a simple application, notepad.cc URLS look great (and are editable) on basically any device you use to access the Internet. It’s so simple, and yet potentially so powerful – an Internet-wide, personal or public, clipboard.

There’s really not a lot more to say about notepad.cc, and that’s why I love it. Just fire it up, and start using it! Need it somewhere else? Do that too.

Would you use something like this? Why or why not, and what for?

Sidney H. Alexander

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