The Way You Transfer Huge Files is changing

By Sidney H. Alexander

February 3, 2018, Internet

One of the most significant downsides of the internet at the moment is the lack of options when it comes to sending huge data. You can send small files without any issues, but the problems arise as the size of the data goes up. Huge files present many challenges to those that have to send them due to the lack of tools to do it.

The majority of existing sites that allows for the transfer of massive files take a lot of time to perform this action. However, this new site is promising as it provides fast speed in sending and receiving data that exceed regular sizes. – A solution to all existing file transfer problems

I continuously run into the same problem, and for some reason, I can’t possibly figure out, it’s never a problem I seem to be able to solve: I need to send people large files. Whether I’m sending every song ever from Glee (yeah, I have them all – wanna fight about it?) to my girlfriend, or sending a massive batch of photos to my parents, I often need to send files that are much too big for emails, and even for services like YouSendIt.

I’ve tried a million options – and there are a million out there. FileDropper has a significant file limit (5GB) and works well when it works, but I’ve found it to be annoyingly unreliable. Dropbox and both do the job quite well, but both are confusing to someone who doesn’t have an account with the services – like, for instance, my Mom. (Side note: if you have Dropbox, and so does the recipient, sharing a folder is the best way to share files. Period.) So I’ve searched around, looked for the best option, and been unsuccessful.

My new favorite is one I’m very excited about – it’s called Gett (, and it’s got everything I need in a file-sharing tool.

How to use

You can sign up for an account if you want to (I did – it makes it easier to go back and see what you’ve uploaded and shared, in case you want to re-share things), and it’s free to do so, but you don’t need to. Just pick the file you want to upload – there are no size limits that I could find, and I’ve uploaded up to 4GB data – and share the link that Gett gives you. The whole thing is a drag-and-drop operation in newer browsers, and it can even handle multiple files at the same time.

Once you choose the file to upload, most sites upload the file and then give you a link to share with anyone who wants to download the file. Not Gett – what it does is much more intelligent. As soon as you start uploading the file, others can begin downloading it – it’ll go down on their end as fast as it goes up on yours. For unusually large data, that’s hugely useful – having to upload, then download, multiple gigabytes is a long process, but doing both simultaneously speeds it up considerably.

That’s all plenty for me, but there’s more if you want it. You can share the Gett link (it’ll be with anyone you want, and you’ll get a live count of how many people have downloaded the files. You can even add more data to the share, which I’ve found useful – anytime you want to share a file with the same people, just upload it to the same link and tell them to recheck it.

You can preview any file in your browser without having to download it first, and any new records show up automatically without you having even to reload the page.

File sharing ought to be simple. I don’t need a million options or tons of different ways to do things. Upload my file, give me a link to share, and make it easy for people to download the file. With Gett, it’s check, check, and check.

What do you use for sharing files? If it’s something awesome, share it below! If it’s email, shame on you.

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