The advancement of technology is best reflected in innovations and products that use that tech to create useful things. A new tech becomes significant only when it improves the way we live in either direct or indirect way. A tech that causes a positive change in an industry, or in any other way, is a tech that benefits humanity.

This site reviews all technological advancement as well as products that become results of that tech. Various posts will address many technical issues and try to come with meaningful conclusion and advice. Stick with this blog, and you will learn a lot about technology.

Sidney H. Alexander

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About the Author

Hi, Sidney here, I am addicted to techy stuff, anything breaking edge is my favorite, and I love writing so was born. I realized that there is a huge market for advising people on tech related topics. People just don't have the in-depth knowledge of the digital world that they need to make purchasing decisions. So I am the middle man, the advisor, the guru, call me what you want. I just hope you enjoy my writing. Please leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. Thanks, Sidney

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