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If you work in the construction industry, corded drills are essential for work. You want the best corded drill for the best price to guarantee your job is done professionally, timely and properly. Corded drills ensure that you can work outside or inside with ease, without a need for re-charging in between jobs. When carrying out home improvements, a corded drill can be your best friend and can save you money hiring someone to do a relatively easy job when you have the right tool. When looking at buying drills, there four main things to look at; price, speed, torque and power. Before you purchase your next or first corded drill, check out these reviews to ensure you’re getting the best drill for the job, at the best price.

DEWALT DW124K 11.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Joist and Stud Drill

This drill comes in first and rightly so. Although this DEWALT is the most expensive, it is priced this way due to its many features and its heavy-duty nature. This is an extremely heavy-duty drill and can be used to drill through almost anything. As with most DEWALT corded drills, this drill is made with ball bearing construction, which delivers a long-lasting power tool that is extremely durable compared to those not constructed with ball bearings. It comes with a low gear mechanical slip clutch to give complete control over any reactionary torque. The front handle is totally adjustable, and it also has a two-position side handle for the best control and leverage when carrying out any job. The DEWALT DW124K 11.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Joist and Stud Drill boasts triple-gear reduction, therefore it increases torque and decreases any gear stress. The drill is very long, at 21 inches, but this ensures more stability and control. The size and length of the drill also protect you from any flying material that can occur when using such a heavy-duty corded drill, when drilling through wood for example. From $477.27, this is a tool best purchased for those who will get their use out of it and is especially great for construction workers and builders. As it is heavy-duty, first time drillers should be careful when using this drill as it can be very powerful. Weighing 13.5 pounds, overhead work can be very hard with this drill and ground work is preferable to reduce the risk of back or shoulder injury. This drill does come with a heavy-duty box to carry around the drill safely and protect it during storage and transit. The motor is controlled mechanically and has two speeds to match the drill to the job and torque requirements. This drill runs at a higher RPM than most others its size. As with all DEWALT tools, this comes with a warranty if something was to happen to the drill, although these are built to last through the toughest of jobs. When using any heavy-duty drill such as this, especially with the risk of any materials breaking loose and causing damage, personal protective equipment such as a helmet and goggles should be worn at all times. This will be listed in the instruction manual for the drill and should be adhered to as any material, however small, could cause permanent damage to the skin or eyes.

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DEWALT DW130V 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill with Spade Handle

Second, comes the spade handle drill which costs $178.09, which is a great price for all it has to offer the user. DEWALT is one of the leading manufacturers in power tools and their accessories therefore are a trusted source when purchasing any industrial power tool, including a corded drill. Most DEWALT tools come in their signature colors of yellow and black, including this drill, and come with a warranty. This drill is made for any job where high torque is required, meaning it is powerful enough to drill through every surface, including concrete. The dimensions come in at 13.06 x 10.88 x 4.88 in, meaning it is not the smallest corded drill out there and can be heavy, therefore if you are looking for something to fit in your toolbox, this may be a little too large. As it comes with a spade handle, it is great for any drilling that requires a downward pressure to be applied, making it both easier and safer for the user. The handles can be adjusted to ensure effective leverage whatever the task at hand, and they have a soft grip to provide the best comfort to the user. This drill gives up to 550 RPM of torque, meaning it is great for anyone that needs to mix paint or drywall mud. It comes with a variable speed switch, reducing the number of air bubbles when mixing mud and ensuring you have great control over your drilling. The DW130V 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill has a 120-volt, 9-amp motor which can provide enough power for all job sites. It does not require any batteries to operate. This drill is perfect for those who carry out a lot of heavy mixing, as with a mixing paddle it can mix with ease, and with minimal splashing. The drill is designed to be ergonomic with its adapted handle, making every job easier for its user. As the side handle is screwed into three places on the drill, those who are left handed can also reap the benefits of using a corded drill with ease. DEWALT is based in the United States and therefore shipping is usually free for all corded drills and it has one of the largest repair and service networks within North America.

DEWALT DW160V 3/8-Inch VSR Right Angle Drill

In third place comes this drill that is made by DEWALT to fit into hard to reach places. This corded right-angle drill can be incredibly handy where tight places are often an issue on your worksites or your home. It is a compact corded drill with a specific right-angled shape to make for the easiest access to any small confined and restricted spaces. It includes a paddle switch to make one handed use easy for both experienced power tool users, and first-time users and one-handed use may be the best way to fit perfectly into those restricted areas. Constructed solely with ball bearings, the DEWALT DW160V 3/8-Inch VSR Right Angle Drill boasts both long-life and durability. At $149.00 this tool should last you a lifetime, and although it may not be used every day, for a construction worker or builder, this tool could prove invaluable at giving the best finish to those hard to reach areas you have been struggling against with a normal drill. DEWALT have made sure the chuck is always guarded so that no other surfaces can become damaged when being used in tight spaces. It only weights 3-3/4 pounds, making it a handy tool to carry around and perfect for the job at hand. This drill may not be appropriate for large jobs therefore this is something to consider before purchasing and when considering the materials that you may be drilling through. This could be a perfect and handy piece of power tool equipment for any plumbers or electricians that often need to get into hard to reach places. Many workers use DEWALT due to the fact it is a renowned and trusted brand, and the yellow and black colors are ideal when working on a busy site where tools can be mislaid.

DEWALT DW140 1/2-Inch 7.0 Amp Reversing End Handle Drill

Coming in fourth is the reversing end handle drill which is perfect for any job that requires a greater pressure to be applied. With a D-shaped handle design, users can grip the tool with ease and apply pressure as needed, both comfortably and safely. It is made with metal gear housing which provides durability on the job or at home and improves the tools reliability. The side handle has 3 positions for as much control as possible with any drilling, making this a handy tool from just $110.00. As it says in the name the DEWALT DW140 1/2-Inch 7.0 Amp Reversing End Handle Drill offers a reversing switch and at 7 amps, this corded drill is the most powerful end handle drill within the DEWALT range, therefore if you are looking for a powerful tool that isn’t too large, this could be just what you need. The design of the handle is ergonomically developed to be used for overhead or straight applications in which a longer reach is required to complete the job effectively. It can be used with wood and steel with ease, drilling 1-1/2 inches with a hole saw through steel. Weighing 8.25 pounds, this drill is not the most lightweight, but it is easy enough to be held overhead for even first-time power tool users. With a 30 day no risk, satisfaction guarantee, DEWALT offer something for all customers and are sure their drills will satisfy their needs.

DEWALT DW235G 8.5amp 1/2-Inch VSR Drill

Coming in last but not least, this drill is the lowest in price of the corded drills listed. Another great drill by DEWALT, this drill is made to last and is extremely durable due to its thermal treated steel gears. This cordless drill is reliable for any job and is a steal at only $99.00. The trigger is made for two fingers to be used for ease and comfort when using the drill, perfect for users that will be working with this drill often. The side handle is 360 degrees to allow for better control over any job, however big or small. The DEWALT DW235G 1/2-Inch VSR Drill is an ideal piece of power tool equipment for any home improvement or renovation projects with a 7.8-amp motor making it an exceptional tool for many household tasks. If you want a durable and versatile drill, this is the drill you have been looking for. Although this tool may look smaller than some, it has great power behind it and in wood can handle a 3-1/2-inch hole. Even so, it may not be ideal for construction workers, but for those interested in DIY, this tool has everything you need. The rubber handle ensures the best control over the equipment and the more control you have over a drill, the better the finish with every job. This drill weighs only 4.9 pounds, meaning even those who are not used to handling power tools will be able to manage holding it with ease, even for long periods. As with all DEWALT corded drills, this comes with a warranty and a guarantee that DEWALT give you the best. When purchasing this drill on Amazon you can also purchase alongside it a home improvement protection plan which covers all electrical equipment to be repaired or replaced. These come in 3 or 4-year packages and although this drill is made to be long-lasting, it is always good to know you have a backup in the rare case that something does happen.

Whichever corded drill you decide to invest in, ensure that you purchase the right tool for the job. If you are unsure which tool best fits the job, there are many forums online where you can seek out reviews, or you may wish to speak to a friend that is more familiar with power tools and their uses. Every corded drill comes with an instruction manual and it is recommended you familiarize yourself with all the features of the drill before use. Take into account how much you want to spend and if the cost is worth the job. If you use drills on a regular basis, it may be worth investing a little more into a well trusted brand and a corded drill that is made to be durable and will last. You can purchase second-hand drills, but this is something that could be risky, and it will not come with a guarantee. To ensure you get the drill you need and a great guarantee, buying from the company themselves will ensure that your drill will be replaced or fixed if damaged.

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