Best of What’s Around: Web Toolbox Edition

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One of my favorite things to talk about here at The 2.0 Life is tools. Tools exist on the Internet to do literally anything you can think of doing, and probably a whole lot more. Tasks, email, telling people where you are, finding a public toilet – the list is endless.

Surprisingly enough, I’m not the only person who likes talking about the best of the tools the Web has to offer. This week, I’ve found a number of great articles from some great blogs talking about the best of the Web’s tools for all kinds of people and all kinds of functions. Here are some of the best:

One tool that I really like right now is Zapier,​ it allows you to link up apps such as Gmail, Google Sheets, PayPal, Trello etc. I am working with it right now trying to automate a lot of my business.

Another tool I really like is Gmass, it allows you to schedule emails and send them when you like.

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