Best Web Hosting Services In 2021

By Sidney H. Alexander

May 20, 2020

List for best vps hosting provider

The Best Hosting providers are:

  • InMotion – Best overall hosting provider.
  • A2 Hosting – Best value for money.
  • Bluehost – Best features.
  • iPage – Best for customer service.
  • HostGator – Best for reliability.
  • HostPapa – Best RAM and storage space.
  • GoDaddy – Best for extra features.
  • DreamHost – Best bandwidth.
  • Liquid web – Best option for service
  • Siteground – Best for customer service second place
  • Namecheap – Runner up for best features
  • Just Host – Best cloud hosting
  • Kamatera – Best servers
  • Scala Hosting – Best service for hosting
  • Hostinger – Runner up best overall host for VPS provider
  • Media Temple – Best for hosting customer service weekend
  • Hostwinds – Best for long term projects
  • Fastcomet – Best for small projects
  • GoDaddy – Most reliable service
  • Interserver – Best extra hosting features

The Best Web Hosting providers in 2020 are:

  1. InMotion – Best overall hosting provider.
  2. A2 Hosting – Best value for money.
  3. Bluehost – Best features.
  4. iPage – Best for customer service.
  5. HostGator – Best for reliability.
  6. HostPapa – Best RAM and storage space.
  7. GoDaddy – Best for extra features.
  8. DreamHost – Best bandwidth.
  9. Liquid web – Best option for service
  10. Siteground – Best for customer service second place
  11. Namecheap – Runner up for best features
  12. Just Host – Best cloud hosting
  13. Kamatera – Best servers
  14. Scala Hosting – Best service for hosting
  15. Hostinger – Runner up best overall host for VPS provider
  16. Media Temple – Best for hosting customer service weekend
  17. Hostwinds – Best for long term projects
  18. Fastcomet – Best for small projects
  19. GoDaddy – Most reliable service
  20. Interserver – Best extra hosting features

The Best Web Hosting provider options are:

Hosting providerRatingDisk space
InMotion – Best overall hosting provider.55.0
A2 Hosting – Best value for money.4.84.3
Bluehost – Best features.4.54.2
iPage – Best for customer service.4.74.0
HostGator – Best for reliability.4.54.5
HostPapa – Best RAM and storage space.4.73.9
GoDaddy – Best for extra features.4.84.7
DreamHost – Best bandwidth.4.55.0
Liquid web – Best option for service4.34.9
Siteground – Best for customer service second place4.53.5
Namecheap – Runner up for best features4.13.1
Just Host – Best cloud hosting4.53.8
Kamatera – Best servers4.33.6
Scala Hosting – Best service for hosting4.74.6
Hostinger – Runner up best overall host for VPS provider4.34.5
Media Temple – Best for hosting customer service weekend4.54.4
Hostwinds – Best for long term projects44.0
Fastcomet – Best for small projects4.54.5
GoDaddy – Most reliable service4.33.8
Interserver – Best extra hosting features3.73.7

A good host should have the following:

  • Disk Space
  • Good customer service with help & support
  • Good uptime
  • Additional features
  • Fair Pricing

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This is also exactly how we test the hosts out there.

Top 6 Options for Web Hosting

Every website needs a host to keep it online. Your choice of host will have a huge impact on your experience of managing a website and your audience’s experience of using it. We have rounded up six of the best web hosts available today in a range of categories to help you find the right one for you, regardless of previous experience.

#1 Best Web Host – SiteGround | Best Customer Support

Uptime (99.99%)
Speed (99%)
Customer Support (100%)
Value For Money (100%)
Overall score

SiteGround is by far the best host to go with if you value comprehensive customer support. If you are choosing your very first web host then it might help you to have access to a robust customer support system. They also have an average uptime rate of 99.99%, they are one of the most reliable hosts out there.

The speeds that SiteGround offers aren’t bad, but it is a shame that they remain in the 600ms or more range. If the speeds were better, SiteGround would truly be offering the whole package. These relatively slow speeds are part of what hinders the most basic plans that SiteGround offers. Overall, we would still recommend SiteGround as the best option for beginners who are likely to need to utilize the customer support available.

Important Points:

  • Features: Unmetered bandwidth, 10 GB storage, website builder, and free email
  • Support: 24/7 live chat system
  •  Hosting plans: Shared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller and Enterprise


  • Excellent uptime rate
  • Best customer support system we’ve encountered
  • Offers a large number of email accounts


  • None

#2 Best Web Host – InMotion Hosting | Best Overall

Uptime (95.95%)
Speed (100%)
Customer Support (95%)
Value For Money (90%)
Overall score

InMotion Hosting is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. InMotion stands out because it offers plans that cater to bloggers, small and large businesses, or anyone who needs web hosting. InMotion is known for its reliability, stellar customer support, and a broad range of services and hosting plan options.

After pricing, a web hosts’ servers’ speeds should be the next metric you look at. InMotion stands above other web host providers because all its servers use SSD storage, which is multitudes faster than hard drives that use spinning disks.

Although websites hosting on inMotion are fast, we wanted to see who they would perform under serious load. Their shared hosting plan started slowing down after about 25 visitors but their dedicated and VPS plans did not slow down until there were thousands of visitors on our test website. Additionally, all the servers we tested had a latency of less than a second no matter where we were connecting from, which means websites hosted on this web host would perform well and be up to the standards Google sets for website load times.

InMotion offers excellent customer support with questions answered quickly and by knowledgeable staff. We were able to reach their agents through chat, phone, and by sending email tickets. In addition to the instantaneous answers we got on live chat on the phone, we also received detailed answers over emails in a few hours.

InMotion has also partnered with leading e-commerce services to make it easier to establish and run a successful e-commerce website. If you do not want to use tools like Prestashop, you can opt for their WordPress hosting plan, which gives you all the tools you need to start a WooCommerce store. The ease of integrating payment and other partners is a big plus as is the level of help you get if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

If you use Google Apps, InMotion makes it easy to connect your Google Apps to your account. In contrast to other web hosts who make you pay for these integrations, InMotion does not, and neither does it need you to configure complex settings just to get things working.

Important Points:

  • All InMotion hosting servers use SSD storage which makes them lighting fast
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free website transfers from your current host.
  • Hosting Plans: Shared, Dedicated, VPS, WordPress, Reseller, Managed


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Highly reliable with a 99.95% uptime
  • Ability to choose your preferred data center location
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited Email on all their plans


  • Their starter plans do not have monthly billing.
  • Does not offer Windows servers
  • Non-US based customers might be asked to verify their purchase through phone verification, which might be challenging

#3 Trending Web Host - AccuWeb Hosting| Unbeatable Customer Support

Uptime (100%)
Speed (95%)
Customer Support (90%)
Value For Money (80%)
Overall score

AccuWeb Hosting, for more than 18 years, stood as a one-stop shop for all hosting requirements. They offer a range of perennially useful hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated hosting on Windows and Linux platforms.

Overall, AccuWeb Hosting is a good option for customers looking for specialized configuration, scalable resources, and responsive support.

Also, AccuWeb is well-known for its 24x7x365 technical support, rapid setups, complimentary backups, 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction, discounts, offers, and uptime guarantee. In addition, their basic Web Hosting plan starts at just $3.09 USD, and WordPress plan at just $2.99 USD. With so many advanced features, AccuWeb stands atop as a hosting service provider.


  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • Unbeatable 24*7 Customer Support
  • Wide Range of Hosting Plans
  • Recommended by PCMAG, HostingAdvice, Microsoft, and many more


  • No option for Unlimited Bandwidth

#4 Best Web Host – HostGator | Best Value Cloud

Uptime (90%)
Speed (90%)
Customer Support (75%)
Value For Money (70%)
Overall score

HostGator is another instantly recognizable name in the field of web hosting. Their shared hosting package has received an upgrade in the form of the ‘Cloud’ edition, which HostGator claims is faster and better for scaling than regular shared hosting.

HostGator Cloud comes in very strong in the key metrics. Over a period of four consecutive months, tested HostGator’s uptime and it hit 100% every time. That’s not something that you see very often, even when you test these things as part of your job. The same website also noted that, over a 24-month testing period, HostGator’s uptime dipped below that all-important 99.90% mark, the minimum uptime guarantee that most web hosts offer. What does dipping below that figure mean? In the case of HostGator, it means the user is entitled to a refund for the entire month. Overall, HostGator is one of the more reliable hosts out there and they stand by their guarantees.

The biggest benefit to HostGator’s Cloud service compared to their regular shared hosting is the speed gain. The company claims that its cloud service is up to twice as fast as regular shared servers. This claim is borne out by the data, which shows HostGator’s cloud service offering speeds that place them well within the top five fastest web hosting services available.

HostGator also benefits from excellent customer service and one of the most intuitive control panels we have seen. Organizing all your admin tools is a breeze and they even offer free cPanel migration if you need to move over from another host. Unfortunately, there are many types of websites that HostGator cannot migrate for you. If you do run into any difficulties then the customer support is fantastic, you can usually resolve your problem within a reasonable amount of time. 

Important Points:

  • Features: Unmetered bandwidth and storage, email accounts, free domain 1st year
  • Support: 24/7 live chat
  • Hosting plans: Cloud, VPS, dedicated, shared, WordPress


  • Ranks in the top 5 for speed and uptime
  • Free website transfer service
  • No limits on bandwidth or storage
  • Datacenters available in multiple locations
  • Unlimited email accounts


  • Renewal costs are higher

#5 Best Web Host – Hostinger | Cheapest Price Host

Uptime (95%)
Speed (80%)
Customer Support (70%)
Value For Money (90%)
Overall score

Hostinger is among the cheapest hosting providers on the market today. If you are looking to keep your costs as low as possible than Hostinger is the way to go. Don’t let the low price fool you, though. Hostinger is a well-established web hosting provider with a solid reputation and while their cheap package doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its more expensive competitors, it still provides everything you need to get your website going.

First of all, the important stuff. Hostinger’s uptime is easily 99%+, but in the world of web hosting, even 99.65%, which is the lowest monthly uptime that we measured for Hostinger, is considered low. However, in practice, this is still a reliable figure and visitors to your website are still unlikely to have difficulty accessing it.

Important Points:

  • Features: 100 GB bandwidth, 10 GB storage, website builder, 1 email account
  • Support: 24/7 live chat support
  • Hosting plans: VPS, shared, cloud


  • Good uptime score
  • Low price
  • Decent loading speeds for the price range
  • The free website builder is decent


  • cPanel is a little esoteric
  • You have to log in to access live chat
  • The payment terms are nonstandard

#6 Best Web Host – DreamHost | Pay Monthly, No Higher Renewals

Uptime (85%)
Speed (70%)
Customer Support (60%)
Value For Money (75%)
Overall score

DreamHost has been in the business since the mid-’90s, so you know that they know their stuff. Over the last couple of decades, DreamHost has amassed over 1.5 million websites, blogs, and online applications across the 100 countries that it is operating in. DreamHost’s current hosting service is one of the better mid-tier services out there.

Their average uptime is just below the all-important 99.95% figure, which is considered low, although it is statistically above average. It is also worth noting that DreamHost has also achieved 100% uptime for three of the last 12 months and 99.99% on three more.

However, in practical terms, this is still a reliable enough service that your website will be down for around half an hour over the course of a month. In terms of speed, DreamHost comes in just above average at 648ms over a 24-month period.

Overall, DreamHost offers a good service at an affordable price. It isn’t a pack leader in any regard, but it does everything well enough to justify its price tag. The standout feature of DreamHost is that its subscription costs don’t increase when the plan renews.

Important Points:

  • Features: Unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL, free domain 1st year
  • Support: Ticketing and call back system
  • Hosting plans: Dedicated, shared, VPS, cloud, WordPress


  • Good load time
  • Confident uptime guarantee
  • A variety of plans available
  • unlimited bandwidth and storage options


  • Average uptime is below 99.95%
  • Lacks cPanel

If you are going to invest the time and money necessary to produce a professional website, you don’t want to let yourself down with an unreliable host. Take your time and look through the five hosts above to find the one offering the services and features that you need. If you are specifically looking for a VPS host then read our other guide.

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FAQs relating to best hosting providers

What is the cheapest and best web hosting service?

According to my testing Hostinger as the cheapest host that makes our best web hosting list. Their plans start from $0.99/month.

How much should I pay for web hosting?

Depending on how big and complex your website is i think somewhere between $3-$10 per month. If you are starting out with your first website you should consider a cheaper option from my list of the top web hosts.

What is the best web hosting provider?

We rate Bluehost the best overall for several reasons but in reality it depends on your needs. To get a better understanding of whats on offer out there I recommend you read my guide to the top web hosts.

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