Aligning customer service and marketing to get better results!

By Sidney H. Alexander

June 12, 2021

Marketing and customer service are almost two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. Without proper customer service, your business won't be successful even if you have got the best marketing or sales team. Similarly, an incompetent sales team won't do you any good in spite of having a world-class customer service. To deliver optimum customer satisfaction a business needs to align its customer service and marketing so that they can work hand in hand and complement each other. This not only makes several processes a lot smoother but also creates a great customer experience from start to the end. It is therefore very important to align the customer service and marketing of any company.


But how to do that?

Here are a 5 ways that can help you achieve this goal and get better results:

1.Encouraging a symbiotic relationship

It is very important to encourage a symbiotic relationship between the two teams for the necessary exchange of information and ideas. The customer service team would be able to deliver much better service if they are completely aware of the promises made by the sales team and what the customer expects. They can deliver accordingly. The marketing team will also do better if they have more knowledge about the products which they can learn from the customer service team. This can help them pitch their products better and make more sales. In the end, customer experience is maximized when the two are aligned well. Customer service skills also play an important role here.

2.Proper training and regular meetings

It is a necessity to provide proper training at regular intervals so that the two teams can learn to work together better. Meetings should be held regularly to address the issues faced by each of the teams and find out suitable solutions accordingly. Training them regularly also helps you build a stronger and more committed team that knows each other well and delivers enhanced customer experience. Regular meetings and training improve the collaboration between the sales and service teams.

3.Using integrated software

The use of integrated software can greatly improve the relationship between marketing and customer service teams. Even if the two teams are not able to meet regularly, they ought to be using each other's data and information. The exchange of data and information benefits both the teams greatly. The marketing team can learn a lot more about customer feedback and the problems encountered by using the data of the customer service team. The customer service team can also get more ideas about marketing campaigns and materials to develop better customer experience. Companies should, therefore, look to use integrated software used by both the teams with the free exchange of data. There are many options for software for call centers that also supports many integrations. The details shared by the customer while signing up or filling up any form are automatically saved and they are auto populated next time. This saves time and efforts of both the teams. This will allow you to make a more personalized conversation. Do the needful in terms of infrastructure and software and see a much better customer experience.

4.Receiving feedback and incorporating it into the processes

Feedback is perhaps the most important factor to help us know how the customers are feeling and what they want. Proper feedback can bring in front, a lot of small issues that can be easily worked upon and improved. It gives us the basis of the areas we need to improve. The customers also feel valued and important which adds to the customer experience. Addressing their issues fast makes them happy and satisfied. However, it is important to incorporate it into the processes. Not only the feedback that the customer service team receives but also the feedback received in field operations matter a lot. The two should be used together to fine-tune the processes, eventually leading to better customer service.

5.Creating a unified voice for the brand

Brand unity is key to leave a great impact on the customers and increase their trust. Very often it happens, that certain salespeople go out of his or her way to make promises that he shouldn't be, just to make the sale. There is often miscommunication which can lead to problems. If there is a lack of unity between your marketing materials and customer service interactions, it leaves a negative impact on the brand. It is thus necessary to unify your brand voice by aligning the marketing and service team together, ensuring that they are on the same page. This results in the customer seeing you as one complete entity rather than various different departments. This increases customer trust, loyalty and of course business. So make sure that the two teams are on the same page regarding offers, messages, etc.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the ways in which the marketing and customer service team can be better aligned to deliver an improved customer experience. There might be various other ways, depending on your company, its vision, strategies, policies, employees and a lot more. So choose the ways that may suit your business well and take the required steps.

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