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What is Arduino Useful For?

The open-source Arduino platform helps creative people put together unique electronics products, either as a hobby or for functional use. The programmable circuit board can receive code sent via a USB connection. A development environment allows hobbyists to try out their own innovative ideas for fun projects they can bring to life with the help […]

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What Exactly Is A 3D Pen?

After the success of the Kickstarter campaign for the pioneering 3D doodler pen, it’s likely that you’ve already heard the phrase “3D pen” before, but not so many people actually know what a 3D pen is and how it works. These ingenious inventions can be used to create sculptures, tools, and appliances out of thin […]

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Reading Books Should Be Popular

Books are doorways that lead the reader into different worlds. Every book is a new experience worth trying. Those that love reading tends to stay at home and read something interesting rather than going out and spending money on things they don’t need. Every good book will give you thrills, and you will feel like […]

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