Best Lesbian dating apps and sites

By Sidney H. Alexander

October 6, 2020

There are numerous dating platforms out there aimed exclusively at lesbians. But these aren’t necessarily the best platforms. There are plenty of excellent dating sites for lesbians, many of which also serve straight women. Here are the best dating websites and apps for lesbians in 2020.

#1 Best Lesbian Dating App - eHarmony

Important points:

  • 30 million US members
  • 16 million actives users every week
  • Most users are 25-35
  • Data says eHarmony has an educated and stable audience
  • Global membership
  • free to join

eHarmony is one of the oldest and best-known online dating platforms. Anyone who remembers the earliest days of the internet will surely remember seeing ads for eHarmony regularly. In the 21 years or so since they first launched, eHarmony has learned a lot about the online dating game. Today, they are the first choice for many people, and with good reason.

First of all, eHarmony has an even gender split amongst its user base. Some online platforms suffer from an abundance of male users and a shortage of female users: worst still, online dating platforms whose female uses are mostly bots and fake accounts. These issues do not plague eHarmony.

Although eHarmony is not aimed exclusively at lesbians, its fantastic layout and easy-to-use interface means you can easily filter users. It is also one of the biggest dating sites in terms of the number of lesbian users on the platform.

The most significant selling point of eHarmony is its famous matching algorithm. Developed by a clinical psychologist, also the founder of the platform, eHarmony's compatibility test is the gold standard for the rest of the industry. When new users register for the website, they fill out a detailed profile and complete a questionnaire. eHarmony uses this data to build the personality profiles of its users. It then matches users together using a proprietary algorithm.

If that all sounds like snake oil and technobabble, the results should convince you otherwise. eHarmony is one of the best online dating websites period. It is not geared exclusively towards lesbians, but this should not put you off if you are looking for other women to date. 

eHarmony’s massive user base and the precision with which it finds suitable matches for its users mean that you will rarely even be aware of other users outside of those you match with. Both heterosexual and gay women consistently rate eHarmony as one of the best platforms for female users. Women regard the platform as safer than many of its competitors while providing higher quality matches.


  • Huge and diverse userbase
  • The Matching algorithm is very impressive
  • Profiles take tome to complete but lead to much better matches.
  • The interface is intuitive and straightforward.


  • Requires a subscription to use essential features like messaging. The free account is severely restricted.

#2 Best Lesbian Dating App -

Important points:

  • 0%+ of members are university graduates
  • Recommended for users aged 35 and older
  • Sign up takes around 35 minutes and is free
  • Aims to provide 3-7 matches daily
  • iOS/Android app is well designed

After eHarmony, is most women’s second choice of online dating platform. Like eHarmony, is for everyone, not just lesbians. But you will find plenty of other lesbians on the platform. The selling point of this service is that it targets professional users. It can be hard to form and foster relationships while also managing a busy career. Elite Singles aims to bring together people who find themselves in similar circumstances.

The platform’s matching algorithms are not quite eHarmony, but they are still impressive. These algorithms do most of the heavy lifting; you don’t have to worry about being spammed, cat-fished, or hit on by people looking for a quick fix. Of course, to make these algorithms work, you need to provide them with the necessary data. That means filling in an extensive questionnaire when you first register for the platform. Doing this takes around half an hour, but it is more than worth it.

No online dating service lasts as long as Elite Singles has without doing things right. Career-driven lesbians who want to bee like-minded people won’t find a better platform for their needs. The way you answer your initial questionnaire will determine the kind of experience you have on the site. Elite Singles does an excellent job finding people who are compatible with you, even if they have different interests.

#3 Best Lesbian Dating App - LesbianPersonals

Important points:

  • Explicit sexual content from the get-go
  • Detailed user profiles enable you to get to know other users quickly
  • The site operates is own messenger service
  • Supports two-way video chat via webcam
  • Great for couples looking for a third
  • You have to pay for the most basic features

LesbianPersonals isn’t shy about its purpose. This site is explicitly for lesbians looking for a hook up with another woman. it is a popular service for women who travel a lot and want to meet partners while on the road.

However, LesbianPersonals is not a low-effort platform, as many of the hook-up focused services are. You will find detailed user profiles that make it easy to identify potential partners from the available choices. The detail in these profiles also means that you can learn the basics about other women before approaching them.

There’s no reason you can’t use LesbianPersonals to find a relationship. However, you should be aware that that is not what the site is focused on. This is a service designed first and foremost for women looking for a no-strings-attached hook-up. However, it is far and away the best such service around. Many hook-up websites are a feral free-for-all where it’s hard to trust that half the users are real. LesbianPersonals has a good reputation within the community and has become a popular way for lesbian couples to find a third partner to join them.

The sex focus of the website is evident from the moment you log on, so be prepared for that. There are few, if any, restrictions on what users can show off in their profiles. As a result, many users show off their assets in their profile pictures. Seeing the goods before you meet up is a benefit for some people. But there is no requirement for users to be this open.

There are numerous live webcams you can watch. You pay a fee to join these streams. Once you’re in, you can interact with the performers in several ways. LesbianPersonals also has a range of social features like blogs and custom groups. Regular contests encourage users to keep coming back.

While LesbianPersonals enables you to search for women in your local area, it still tends to provide matches from further afield than specified. Mistakes like these can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, they don’t hold LesbianPersonals back significantly.

With a free account, you will be able to search for other users. If you want to access their full profiles, you will need to pay a fee. Free accounts aren’t able to view the full profiles of other users. LesbianPersonals offers different subscription tiers for members to choose from. There are also profile enhancements available on top of this, including access to adult movies. If you can make your profile stand out, you might manage to attract tips from other users.

This is an excellent website for casual hook-ups and is a cut above the other hook-up platforms we have seen. Relationships can bloom here, but that isn’t the focus of the website. If you are looking exclusively for a relationship, you should look elsewhere.


  • Detailed user profiles make it easy to get to know other users and find matches
  • Webcam features are well supported
  • Webcam features are well supported.
  • The success rate is good and users are responsive.
  • The accompanying app provides a fantastic mobile experience.


  • This site is part of a larger network of similar websites, many of which cater to men. There is a small overlap between the users, so some on LesbianPersonals are looking for men.

  • The automatic billing feature could be clearer
  • The platform’s terms and conditions warn that they will charge a maintenance fee if your account is inactive but still open.
  • The algorithm that is supposed to determine a users’ location is unreliable. ‘Nearby’ often means on the other side of the state you’re in.

#4 Best Lesbian Dating App - HER

HER is a hybrid platform. It is part social media app, part dating app. HER performs well in both regards, and it’s one of the best places for women looking for other women. You can download the app and get started for free. It also caters both to women looking to date other women and looking to make new friends. Wherever you are in life, HER is an excellent platform for lesbians to meet one another.

The good: HER is excellent for meeting friends and dating; there’s no explicit pressure on users to pick one or the other. The staff has also got good at weeding out fake profiles and scammers.

The bad: Although HER makes every effort to cater to all its users, some people find that the number of users looking for relationships drown out those looking for companionship. 

HER is a better option than apps like Bumble or Tinder for lesbians that want to date. While the above apps do enable female users to specify that they want to meet other women, their systems are imperfect. On the other hand, lesbians founded HER and continue to operate it for lesbians. Gay, bi, and queer women have flocked to the platform; its userbase is thriving.

The site’s minimalist layout and UI encourage engagement between users. There’s no need to feel in detailed questionnaires. You can link your Facebook account if you want, but the site only asks you to provide a few details.

The way that HER presents potential matches is also unique. Instead of looking through users individually, the site shows you a collage of potential partners to choose from. These collages are a unique approach and one that actually works really well. Other platforms should provide this option. The app is available for both iOS and Android, so anyone can download it and sign up.

#5 Best Lesbian Dating App - Fem

Fem is another dating service with a unique approach. In this case, Fem encourages users to introduce themselves with a video profile. These videos are supposed to provide a more personal introduction to other users and enable people to express themselves more. It is also a useful anti-catfishing tool, something the industry has needed for some time.

The good: Fem is Free to use and almost entirely devoid of catfishers. It has numerous cool ways to interact with other users beyond the usual.

The bad: The userbase is still relatively small, although it is continuing to grow.

Catfishing is the bane of any online dating platform’s existence. Catfishers are everywhere and can be notoriously difficult to spot and stop. Many platforms have tried to cull their catfishing populations in one way or another to varying degrees of success. Fem has done much better than many of its competitors in this regard. In addition to the video profile, Fem also requires users to link a Facebook account.

While Fem doesn’t require users to submit a video profile, they are strongly encouraged to do so. Some of Fem’s users will immediately skip a profile if there’s no video introduction.

#6 Best Lesbian Dating App - Hinge

Hinge has gained serious traction in recent years and is rapidly catching up with the likes of Tinder and Bumble. But unlike both of those apps, Hinge is geared towards people looking for a relationship rather than a hookup. It has gained a reputation as the ‘anti-Tinder.’ Hinge prioritizes deep personal connections, not superficial attraction.

The good: Only matches you with people with a connection to you and your friends. It is also free to use.

The bad: The lack of non-binary options might be an issue for some users.

Hinge has been around for a while but only recently started to gain steam. A major platform updates earlier this year transformed the app and addressed many longstanding complaints from users. Hinge uses your Facebook profile to build a picture of your network of friends and acquaintances. The app then matches you with people who are either friends or friends of friends. Many people prefer this approach to endlessly swiping through strangers.

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