eHarmony Vs Match: Which One is Right for You?

By Sidney H. Alexander

October 3, 2020

eHarmony or Match?

The Overall Winner:

eHarmony is a favourite for millions world wide and its clear to see why, superior matching algorithms, spam filters, great features for interaction and an all around focus on finding you a match makes it a winner.

eHarmony is a winner!

With 39% of US heterosexual couples reporting meeting their significant other online in 2017, online dating has become one of the most popular ways to meet a new partner. Let’s be honest, busy lives and the constant work overload can make meeting your perfect match extremely difficult, so it’s no surprise that many turn to online dating. Requiring minimal effort and easy round-the-clock access, online dating has quickly become the ideal way to expand your dating pool and find your perfect match within the constraints of busy everyday life. Additionally, not only is online dating a great way to meet others easily, but it can also cut out a lot of bad matches. No more wasting hours of your life with boring Pete from down the road who you have absolutely nothing in common with. Instead, many sites only pair you with people who have similar interests, making your life much easier and, quite frankly, a lot let awkward and mind numbingly boring. But, with so many out there, choosing the right site for you can be a difficult and overwhelming process. So, to help you make the best choice we’ve decided to compare two of the lead online dating sites, eHarmony and Match. This article will examine a number of different aspects of each service, to ensure you can make an informed decision based on your dating preferences.

The Costs

The first thing most people will look at are the costs of each site. It’s important to always look at how you are paying, e.g. monthly or annually, and work out exactly what you’re paying for. There’s no point in paying annually for a service that you only use once and then never look at again. Both sites offer a free version of their sites with limited access to dating profiles and restricted communication. While this can be a great way to try out each service before making a final decision, you’ll need a paid account to ensure you get the most benefits from either website.

Match offers a standard plan at $18.99/month for six months, compared to $32.95/month for 6 months at eHarmony. While eHarmony may seem like the more expensive option, they actually offer a reduced fee for those committed to finding “the one,” dropping their price to just $17.99/month for yearly members. Finding love is rarely a quick process and many singles in the dating pool may find taking the yearly membership a much more worthwhile option. Find the right person takes time and commitment which is exactly what a yearly membership would enable. 

Both eHarmony and Match also offer upgraded premium accounts. Although these can be considerably more expensive, they do allow for more flexibility within your dating profile. For example, while eHarmony is more expensive, premium on this site enables members to anonymously view other profiles. This can make people feel more secure and reduce the number of unimportant messages they receive. 

When looking at each sites price, it’s important to bear in mind why exactly you’re using online dating and make sure the site you choose offers the features you would need. 

Verdict – It’s a tie!

Extra Features 

Every service will offer different features. These can be found on each website and will detail how you can use the site to successfully find your perfect partner. However, although Match does seem to have more of a variety of features, these are offered at a much higher price than eHarmony. So, while you may get to use more features such as read receipts and private viewing, these add-ons will cost you. On the other hand, eHarmony has less additional features, but offers a clean and simple interface. The number of features is not always the best way to determine which site is better for you, you should also consider usability. And, at the end of the day, less features can actually mean better user experience and less confusion. 

Verdict – eHarmony

Demographic mix 

Demographics and diversity of people on the dating site should be vital in your decision. You probably don’t want to choose a site with majority 50+ when you’re nowhere near that age. It’s important to look for the site with demographics that are what you’re looking for. For example, older individuals may be more interested in Match as their userbase leans toward the older dating population. With only a quarter of customers under 30, and a quarter over 50, it doesn’t offer a broad variety of ages. eHarmony, however, has an average age of closer to 30 with a larger focus on diversity. While Match only covers 25 countries, eHarmony reaches across 150 countries, making it the perfect site for those looking for international love.

Verdict - eHarmony

The Overall Winner

Outwardly Match may seem like the better option, with user numbers and more a la carte features, this isn’t the case. Larger numbers don’t necessarily mean better chances of finding your ideal match, in fact, more people can often make the search harder rather than easing the stress. As Match doesn’t use a carefully designed algorithm to narrow down matches as well as eHarmony does, you can just be left with too many options and very little guidance. Just remember you’re looking for the perfect one, not the perfect 50! Additionally, all the added features can make the whole experience very chaotic, which is not ideal for those with very little time on their hands. While the vast number of ways to express interest, profile likes, winks and favorites, can seem like a positive, they are often more detrimental than anything. This usually just causes confusion, which is never good when you’re just trying to get to know someone! 

In comparison eHarmony offers just the right level of support and guidance. Although the price may seem higher initially, there are less sneaky additional costs like those found with Match. The interface is simple, easy and perfect for new and pro online daters. If your looking for a new happy, healthy relationship eHarmony is our number one pick. With a lower average age you’re also much more likely to find members who are in similar life situations, also looking for something fresh and exciting. In addition to this, eHarmony also suggests users who aren’t just the people you would normally pick, allowing for a greater range of individuals without the stress of finding them yourself. eHarmony also accompanies there picks with a compatibility scale, which ranks profiles by how compatible they think you would be together. While this may not be the final way to rule out options, it can be a great tool to help you in the initial stages of dating. This way you don’t have to feel too overwhelmed by the number of options and can choose potential partners knowing that you will at least have some similar interests.  

Verdict – Overall, the dating site you choose should be tailored to you and your dating intentions. Those actively seeking long-term relationships, who don’t want to stress about additional costs should use eHarmony. Alternatively, older or casual daters may decide that Match is the right choice for them.

The Overall Winner:

eHarmony is a favourite for millions world wide and its clear to see why, superior matching algorithms, spam filters, great features for interaction and an all around focus on finding you a match makes it a winner.

eHarmony is a winner!

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