InMotion Hosting: A Complete Review

By Sidney H. Alexander

December 5, 2019

A review of InMotion Hosting - Pros and Cons

InMotion Hosting is a huge name in the hosting industry that has been in business since 2001. Located in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles, their two data centers are currently powering 300,000+ customer domains.

Now, the question is, does InMotion Hosting live up to its reputation, or is it one of the misleading big names that are not as uncommon as they should be?

This review is based on our own experiences and findings in uptime, downtime, loading speed and customer support data, after building and using a test site on WordPress for more than four years. InMotion’s “Launch Plan” was used as the server plan for the test site.

The Three Most Profound Benefits Noted from Using InMotion Hosting

After going through our data gathered over the course of multiple years, we concluded that in terms of Uptime, loading speed and even customer support, InMotion really lives up to the mark, but that conclusion is based more on their latest improvements, rather than on overall performance.

99.95% Uptime on an Average

It’s not the best, but the 99.947% does put it ahead of the hosting industry’s average of 99.94%. Take a look at the average uptime data for the last 16 months, as shown below, and you will notice that this trend is getting more consistent recently, compared to previously.

Server Speed is Truly Fast

Boasting a very impressive loading time average of 855ms per page, InMotion Hosting’s server speed is significantly higher (4% to be exact) than the average loading speed of 890ms.

Customer Service from InMotion is Top Notch

This is the biggest advantage that InMotion Hosting has going for them and their claim of providing high-quality customer support is right on the money. It’s probably the best we have ever seen and the following points should make it clear why we came to that conclusion.

  • All three of our test queries were responded in under two minutes
  • All three were solved as well, with all due diligence
  • The queries were simple enough, but they provided a positive impression about InMotion’s CS operatives
  • Speaking with other InMotion Hosting customers confirmed similar experiences

The 90-Days Money-back Guarantee Speaks Highly of their Confidence

The 90-Days Moneyback Guarantee by InMotion Hosting is three-times longer than the 30-day period which we are more used to seeing from the hosting providers. This speaks volumes about their confidence in their own quality of service.

Sucuri Plugin for WordPress Included at no Extra Cost

The Sucuri Security plugin is included in the package at no extra cost, in spite of it being a premium service for remote backups, security hole detection, and malware protection.

Three-Step Google Apps Integration

Unlike GoDaddy or other similar hosting providers, InMotion Hosting does not force you to use anything that you don’t want to. This means that you can install Google Apps in just three, easy steps.

Free Backup Storage Space

It was a pleasant surprise to find InMotion’s 10GB of free cloud storage for creating and storing site backups, as well as the intuitive interface for that.

Free Transfer of Website from Another Server

In case you are dissatisfied with your current hosting provider, you can switch over to InMotion Hosting at no extra cost, but some uptime might be lost during migration.

Perfect for eCommerce Sites

Prestashop and SiteGround are the two primary eCommerce platforms that they work with, alongside all major payment processing providers.

Smartwall Threat Defense System Worked Like a Charm

In collaboration with Corero Network Security, InMotion has developed the Smartwall Threat Defense System (TDS) to repel DDoS, Dos and brute force cyberattacks by hackers.

The SmartWall TDS is capable of delivering 10Gbps full-duplex protection. The unidirectional performance in a ¼ wide can go up as high as 20Gbps. (80Gbps/RU and limits at 320Gbps/4 RU). The specs are very impressive, in case you are wondering!

There are a Few Cons, Headed by a Slow Verification Process

Phone verification is mandatory here, which can mean a delay if you are not a US citizen. International users may also need to verify themselves with ID and picture submissions. It still reflects well upon their real-life security processes though.

Four Month Delay in between Two Free Backup/Restore Uses

Free as the 10GB backup might be, the files can be restored from a free backup, only once every four months! You can solve the four-month delay issue by paying just $49 though.

The Prices Look Good, But Only if You Pay 24 Months at Once

Whatever low prices the ads might be promoting, they are only applicable when you pay for the 24 months at once.

Recommendations: Should You Go with InMotion Hosting?

Thanks to a generous number of free facilities and reliable security features, as well as a high uptime, extremely fast page load speeds, wide support for apps and integrated suitability for multiple content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla, there is no reason not to give it a try.

We suggest giving InMotion Hosting a go by taking their Launch Plan first. They do have upselling tendencies and a hidden limit of 50,000 files per account, but those are not deal-breakers by any means.

If you're still unsure you should read our complete guides on best web hosts and best VPS hosts.

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