Is TruthFinder Legit? A Review

By Sidney H. Alexander

October 2, 2020

Finding a site to run your background check can be a difficult task. While there are many out there, a lot of them are scams and will not provide you with the information you want. As they predominantly rely on public records, which may not be updated, many sites will use out-of-date or inaccurate information. After testing several different sites, we found TruthFinder to be one of the most reliable and up to date. I’ve created a detailed guide to help you decide whether it’s the perfect tool for your needs. 

What is TruthFinder?

It is a tool that searches public records and exposes anything related to a person.

Do I recommend it? yes I do, if you want to uncover someones secrets its the best tool on the market. It finds everything that is available! sometimes it will cause you to change your opinion of someone




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Before choosing a background checker it’s vital you understand what the service actually does. You don’t want to be disappointed when the results finally appear, only to find it’s everything you already know. While this may happen with many background checkers you find online, TruthFinder provides reliable and detailed information on any person in the US. It does this by scanning through millions of public records, online profiles and search histories, to compile a comprehensive background check on any person of your choice. However, while the thought of having everyone’s information right at your fingertips may seem unbelievable, I can assure you it’s far from it. TruthFinder has proved to pretty spot on, making it the ideal secret exposer tool.

However, TruthFinder not only provides detailed reports on other individuals, but can also be the perfect way to find out more about yourself. Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried to search ourselves just to find what kind of dirt other people might potentially find on us. Google searches are often lacking and can’t give us the kind of juicy information we’re actually looking for. TruthFinder, on the other hand, is hard to fault. While it does do the basic google search, it also does an in-depth dark web search too. This makes it very unlikely that it will miss any crucial information. 

TruthFinder can be accessed by mobile and website, both offering a large variety of different features. Services can be split into four main categories:

  • People Search 

  • Dark Web Scan

  • Public Records 

  • Background Check

  • While some of these features do overlap, they each offer their own unique twist. It’s important to research each subcategory to better find your perfect match. 

Company Information 

Choosing a reliable background checker often means doing a bit of solo background digging first. You should always check company information to ensure they are legit and not just a scam site. Background checking sites are very likely to involve scams, so ensuring the company is well founded and has a building headquarters is key in avoiding scams. TruthFinder is very transparent and provides all this information on their website.

Does TruthFinder Work?

In short, yes. TruthFinder has been reviewed as one of the most accurate online background checking sites. Not only will you find what you’re looking for, but it’s quite likely that you will find additional information that you would never have even thought about! For example, TruthFinder even managed to uncover my trip to court from over half a decade ago. A trip, I might add, that resulted with no fine and no legal consequences. However, despite this not being something I even remembered, TruthFinder had this in my record! I was shocked that something so seemingly small and insignificant in my eyes, had been revealed in my background check. 

And if that was shocking, the rest was even worse. Not only did it reveal that I had been to court, but it also had all the information of the proceedings from the reason I was there to even the amount I had to pay! Additionally, it had all of my contact information, including up to date phone numbers, old phone numbers, and all my email IDs current and old. This was also presented alongside a comprehensive list of my academic and professional background, even things that I thought would not be included in public records. Needless to say, I was stunned that this online tool had brought up information that was long gone from my own memory. 

From this search alone, I can honestly say that TruthFinder does work. In fact, in some ways it works almost too well! Finding out that everything I’ve ever done can be traced through one click is, quite frankly, terrifying. While this search was on myself, I can see that how this would be the perfect tool to uncover secrets on anyone you want. Hands down, the best and most effective background checker I’ve used. 

How Accurate is it?

Checking for accuracy is always key. You don’t want to be using old or inaccurate information to judge anyone. Additionally, if you’re looking to get in touch with old friends or acquaintances, you don’t want to be phoning an inactive number or sending emails to random strangers. Although there was a slight issue with contact accuracy, regarding the listing of old numbers as current, this didn’t really seem to be a problem as my newest numbers were also listed. This could also be seen as more accurate as, at some point, these technically were my number. 

Although my own information was accurate, I did find a problem when searching for one of my work colleagues. The site had listed someone else’s Glassdoor information as his own, even though it wasn’t. However, on a second search this did not happen again, and I was able to find out useful unknown information about some of his prior offences. I was shocked to find that he had been tried for petty assault for a bar fight.

While there were some issues with accuracy, this was usually included on fairly irrelevant information, and were quickly fixed through completing a second search. When it came to important information regarding court proceedings it was spot on. This indicates that it has good access to criminal and legal data, which is extremely important if your using the site to investigate sexual predators or ex-cons in your area. With more and more people finding love online, TruthFinder can also be the perfect site to quickly run a background check on your newest love interest, or an online friend. Considering its high level of accuracy and reliability, it should help you feel more safe and secure around new people. In addition to this, if you are feeling unsure about people currently in your life, TruthFinder can also make sure your mind is set at ease before you decide to make any drastic decisions. Just remember, most people don’t have dark, evil secrets!

TruthFinder Pricing

Running background checks can be expensive and, considering many sites are scams, can feel like a burden rather than an essential. Luckily, TruthFinder caters for everyone, taking into account different budgets and financial situations. While there is a standard affordable membership, TruthFinder also allows members to alter their membership and price according to their specific needs. This can bring the price down massively in relation to what your specific needs are. For those who still aren’t sure, this membership model allows individuals to buy a one-month membership without having to make any long-term commitments. This one-month paid trial means that you don’t have to worry about incurring any extra fees should you decide that the service is not right for you. TruthFinder don’t have any secret fees and are very upfront with what they will charge you in advance. 

There are three main memberships: 

  • One-Month - $27.88 

  • Two-Month - $23.02/month 

  • One-Month Reverse Phone Lookup - $4.99 

It’s important to bear in mind that membership prices can vary. You should make sure you check the website for full details regarding fees and the services they include. Additionally, TruthFinder is constantly improving and adapting to the needs of its users. As a result, new membership plans may be added at different times.

Pros & Cons  


  • Lots of information available
  • Old as well as current information provided
  • The site trawls a range of sources
  • Reports are very comprehensive
  • A mobile app is available
  • Short-term paid memberships available


  • No free trial
  • Too much information makes it hard to filter the relevant stuff
  • Misinformation from social media networks can be an issue

My Final Thoughts

Overall, TruthFinder has been the most impressive and accurate background checker I’ve used. With an easy-to-use interface and memberships for all different budgets, it is ideal for anyone looking to get some background information. Not only did it provide usable contact details, but also thorough legal and criminal background information. Additionally, although the professional information wasn’t always accurate, I found that this didn’t affect my overall experience or view on the service itself.

Overall, I give this site a 4.5 rating. 

I could easily tell that the site had made a mistake and could discount this information myself without it interfering with my overall search. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Whether it’s to rekindle old friendships or to help you feel more comfortable in a new relationship, it’s the perfect background checker. It’s impressive court and criminal knowledge also makes it a reliable service for checking for sex offenders and criminals in your area.

Sidney H. Alexander

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