Notepad CC as a Universal Clipboard

Notepad CC as a Universal Clipboard is a great little website, one that I’ve written about before, that is basically just a single sheet of paper online with a unique URL. Add something to it, then navigate to the URL on any computer, and it’s there. Change something, and it changes everywhere.

It’s a fairly simple idea, and has effectively limitless options for use, but one in particular has really caught my eye over the last few days: is the perfect cross-platform clipboard.

Here’s my dilemma: I use two computers, back-and-forth, while I’m at work. One’s a PC, one’s a Mac. Throw in the use my iPad sometimes gets during the workday, and stuff is constantly happening on two computers at once, without any way to combine things. I could email links, text and whatnot to myself, but that’s a huge pain.

So what I’ve started doing is leaving my page open all the time, and any time I need to paste a link onto a different computer than I copied it from, it’s right there on the page. It’s a four-step process (copy, paste, copy, paste) instead of just two, but it’s faster and easier than anything else I’ve come across.

Are there any applications that do that process better, making your clipboard available on the Web, or across platforms? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, is the best and fastest way for getting snippets of information to any device that I’ve used yet.

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