Technologies and Tools That Help You Improve Your Home

By Sidney H. Alexander

April 11, 2018

You can make your home better with new furniture and bright colored walls, but there are also ingenuitive and technologically savvy ways to make things look better inside. For instance, a new refrigerator with an ice maker, a filtered water dispenser, temperature gauge, and a stainless-steel facade will have your kitchen looking more spruced up as well as more functional. There is an entire new class of technologies and tools that are especially suited for homeowners who want to live their best lives. Our reviews of the best corded drills will get you on track to making home improvements easier, while this upcoming list of technologies will aid you in getting everything else in order. Here are the technologies and tools you need to live easier.

What Is the Smart Home?

Adding something as simple as a touchscreen temperature gauge in your house might qualify you to be what’s known as a smart homeowner. Doors that automatically lock and unlock with the swipe of a smartphone screen, houses that use robots to sweep and mop the floors or video intercom systems that can be used to answer the door and communicate with visitors even remotely are examples of smart home technologies. So, other than convenience, why are homeowners investing in technologies that may not be so simple to set up or even widely known about? Well, first, smart homes are exceedingly more streamlined than your average, everyday house. When you are able to change the temperature with an app on your phone or even unlock the front door to let your kids in after school, you have to admit that your life is on the brink of getting a lot simpler.

Better Tools for a Better Home

At the local hardware store, there are various tools, kits, and manufacturers you can choose from to get various home improvement jobs done. For instance, when you purchase a new home and you don’t have tools of any kind, most homeowners automatically know that they are going to need a power drill. Some drills are corded, others work on batteries. There are drills that have easy to remove drill bits that can be replaced in the blink of an eye and other drill makers offer parts that have to be specially ordered. You basically can’t do too much in a newly purchased home to make it look and function better unless you have the tools of the trade on hand. So, while your father-in-law might have offered to give you a set of tools that have been collecting dust in his garage for the last 20 years, you have to think about value and ease of use when you are improving your home, too.

Is Keyless Entry a Smart Idea for Home Owners?

A few years ago, various car manufacturers introduced technologies that let new car owners start up their cars and even get inside of their rides - all without keys. For cars, keyless entry was dubbed the newest, hottest technology that not only signified that you owned a new car but also showed that you had a little status. Unfortunately, newer technologies are expensive to have installed and troubleshoot when things go wrong. For homeowners, keyless entry is another feature seen in most smart homes that will either have you feeling very excited or skeptical. Basically, you would again use your smartphone to get inside of your home when you go inside instead of a standard house key. It is going to be a bit expensive to get everything set up, but one of the biggest selling points of keyless entry is the fact that you can lock or unlock the doors to your home remotely.

Smart Home Security Systems

Lots of homeowners are going a step further than having basic security systems installed, and that is a very good thing. With a smart home security system, it is going to be a lot more difficult for thieves to rob you successfully or for them to get away with it. Standard home security systems use little more than phone lines to trip up robbers and get alarms to go off. Smart home security works in a very different way. First, there’s video monitoring that will capture activity around your home at every angle. So instead of just using your home security system to keep robbers out, you can also use it to keep an eye on the new babysitter you’ve just hired. Additionally, smart home security systems are great for getting better home insurance rates.

Digital HVAC Systems

If nothing else, you should consider having a digitalized HVAC system in your home if you want your quality of life to improve. The biggest expense that you will have outside of paying for your home itself is likely going to be electricity, heating, and cooling. It has already been shown that older HVAC systems aren’t as efficient. Like older windows and doors, dated boilers, air conditioners, and hot water heaters aren’t good at conserving heat or preventing cool air from escaping the interior of homes. With a digital HVAC system, you will get home temperature and energy usage monitoring that will aid you in saving home and staying on top of problems. Even better, your digital HVAC system will let you easily shut off the heat when you are away and turn it right back on before you get back, so you never have to walk into a cold home again.
You can get a bunch of computers and invest in a state of the art home entertainment system to help your home look modern and technologically advanced, but that doesn’t help too much with the structure or overall function. Consider the ways that new technologies and tools will make your home an easier one to live in. From ovens that you can connect to your Wi-Fi network and change the temperature on from the living room, to garage doors that you can lock while you are at work, smart homes and improving technologies are making it a lot easier for homeowners to have complete access to and control over their homes.

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