What is a CPAP Machine and How Can It Help You?

By Sidney H. Alexander

March 1, 2018

When you have a sustained breathing problem that gets in the way of you either getting to sleep or staying asleep all through the night, then that’s a major issue. Sometimes people go years without realizing that they’re stopping breathing for several seconds at a time on many occasions through the night. Not only is this dangerous for your long-term health, but taken to its worst outcome, it could become life threatening if not managed properly. This is where CPAP machines can help.

What is a CPAP Machine?

A CPAP machine helps to manage breathing conditions to deal with the symptoms while not providing a cure to the underlying health problem. Whether the breathing difficulty is due to a birth defect, damage to the esophagus incurred during a traffic accident, or due to obesity causing difficulty breathing while moving around in bed, a lack of continual air flow causes dangerous health issues. If you’re suffering from something like that, then read on. A CPAP machine may be the answer to your prayers for a solution to getting a good night’s sleep.

How Does a CPAP Machine Work?

A CPAP machine takes in air and runs it through a filter to remove any impurities from dust and other air particles. You would use the mask that fits over your nose with straps that wrap around your head to secure the mask in place. This way, it doesn’t get dislodged while you’re sleeping. The nose is sometimes heated to make it feel more comfortable on the face too. The machine plugs into the power outlet and runs from there.

Some machines have added features that make them more desirable. The latest models are also capable of storing information on a SD data storage card and can connect wirelessly to transmit information to a doctor on breathing levels and other relevant information. Take a look at our reviews at Digitizd to help you decide which make and model will best suit your needs.


The latest machines can get authorization from a doctor to confirm that use of a CPAP machine is approved by a physician. This is a minor issue because in most cases, it’s the doctor who is making the suggestion that you should get a CPAP product to help deal with sleep apnea or a sleep-related disorder to get a better night’s rest.

A wireless facility avoids needing to remove the SD card and pass it to your doctor to update their records because modern models do this automatically for you. This is ideal because it saves you time and the cost of a doctor’s appointment too, in many cases.


A good selection of CPAP equipment now come with humidifiers in the form of a water pool that helps provide warmer, moist air that acts to soothe the passage of air into the body. Dry air isn’t always that easy to breathe, especially for eight hours straight, so the inclusion of a humidifier within a machine is a valuable feature to look for.

You may already have a humidifier in your bedroom and find it helps with your breathing before bedtime. While this is great, it won’t help you much once you have a CPAP mask over your nose as you’ll only be breathing in filtered oxygen in the room at that point. That’s not to say it’s a bad idea to keep a humidifier if you already own one – it is a good idea – but one built into a CPAP machine performs far better for sleeping. Each model has a different sized water chamber; larger is better but it does bulk up the size of the machine which is a consideration for people who need to travel a lot.

It’s Better to Travel

Traveling is fun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a business trip, a family weekend away or a longer vacation, being able to get away gets us out of our comfort zone. We have new places to explore and different things to do which is all part of the fun. In terms of sleeping arrangements, most CPAP machines fit inside a travel bag and can be situated on a bedside table without difficulty. The air hose from the machine connects to the oxygen mask and is long enough to manage sleeping in a hotel bed. If there’s only one side table, you’ll just need to sleep on that side of the bed whether it’s your favorite side or not!

Machines weigh under two pounds on the low end to over 5 pounds on the higher end for home-based models. There are pros and cons to different models. For instance, larger water sections enable better humidification of the air flow for longer but increase the weight as a result. Usually there’s a trade-off between weight and included features, so you’ll have to decide where your priorities lie and choose a suitable model for your needs. A frequent traveler should most definitely sacrifice some features and opt for one of the lighter models.

Health Benefits

Disturbed sleep quickly gets to be a major problem for anyone who’s suffered from it. Becoming grouchy in the morning and walking around like a bear with a sore head gets old real fast for you and other people around you. It becomes necessary to do something about the core reasons why you’re not sleeping or, at least, put some measures in place to deal with the poor sleep until a real fix can be found.

Sleeping better means having more energy for the day ahead and starting the day off right. A prolonged lack of REM sleep has profound effects on the ability of the body to balance the immune system, repair key parts of the body, grow skin, and run essential bodily maintenance that’s only performed when you’re supposed to be sleeping for 7-8 hours a day. Getting a great night’s rest makes all the difference in the world to your whole disposition and outlook on life. The change is noticeable to everyone around you too, so investing in a CPAP machine when you have severe sleep issues is worth discussing with your doctor to see if it will help.

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