Why People Invest Heavily in Quality Mice

By Sidney H. Alexander

March 1, 2018

The mouse is considered to be only an accessory to the desktop computer and laptops come with their own trackpads, so asking why people invest in expensive mice is definitely a justifiable query. After all, some users do indeed spend a good deal of money buying a mouse like the Razer DeathAdder Chroma or the Elecom M-XT3DRBK, even when there are plenty of much cheaper options available to them. Before we delve into the details of the answer though, let us assure you of the fact that for the people who generally buy a high-performance mouse, the price is well worth it. To understand why it is so, let’s take a look at the following points.

They Last Longer

Just like everything else that costs a bit more than usual and is made with better materials by a renowned company, high-quality mice from well-known manufacturers last a lot longer than their cheap counterparts. In fact, most high-performance mice last a minimum of 20-million to 50-million clicks, while cheaper mice can’t even handle 5 million clicks.

They Just Feel So Much Better to Use

As the keyboard and the mouse are the two primary tools which we use the most to interact with our computers, the experience we have while using them is very important, but often ignored. The quality and the ergonomics of the mouse is especially important because if you are a heavy user who uses the mouse for multiple hours every day, you could be developing injuries and disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) among others.

On the other hand, a mouse that has been well made with heavy users in mind will reduce your chances of developing such injuries significantly, because not only are they ergonomic, the really good ones come with specific instructions that make it clear if they would be ideal for lefties or what hand-size and grip would be right for that particular product. The right mouse will offer a more natural grip to reduce strain, won’t weigh too much or too less and clicking it will feel just perfect. However, to achieve all this, the manufacturing costs increase accordingly, so that cost is reflected in the final product. In spite of the initial price, once you have used a high-quality mouse, you just can’t go back to using a $10 mouse anymore without feeling the downgrade with every movement and click.

You Can Control the Mouse DPI and Polling Rates

DPI or dots per inch refer to the number of dots the mouse pointer moves on-screen as a result of an inch of actual movement of the mouse on the pad. This means that while a DPI setting of 4,000 may cause your mouse pointer to fly all over the screen, a 400 DPI could be so low that you would have to make a lot of wrist and forearm movements to just get from one corner of the screen to the other. A lower DPI setting will give you better accuracy, while a higher DPI would decrease your reaction times and hand movements (which could be beneficial for reducing the chances of wrist and forearm injuries). Now, this is particularly relevant to gaming because surfing the web or opening documents do not exactly require pinpoint accuracy or reaction times of course! Even then, being able to set a DPI that suits your comfort zone in relation to hand and wrist movement is definitely an advantage even when doing regular tasks.

When I'm not using a WACOM PenTablet, this is my mouse of choice.

When it comes to games, however, and especially competitive online shooters like Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Overwatch, investing in a high-quality mouse that not only lets you adjust the DPI but gives you the option to change it on the fly to interchange between reaction shots and accurate shots, is a must for any serious player out there. However, DPI isn’t everything because the polling rate is what decides how fast the mouse reacts to your movements on-screen. A mouse with a higher polling rate will nullify the lag between your actual reaction and its representation in the game, although, it would be more CPU-intensive as well. You will see the polling rate being mentioned in Hz (125Hz, 500Hz etc.) because the number of Hz refers to the number of times that the mouse will be reporting to the computer about its current position every second. For example, a 500Hz polling rate will mean that the mouse will have a delay of 2 milliseconds.

If you are even remotely interested in playing competitive online games like CS: GO and being good at them, we recommend that you check out our reviews before investing in an expensive mouse because there are a lot of misleading products out there with awful sensors and grand marketing statements that are just not worth your money or time. You will still need to spend a significant amount of time to perfect your game, but the right mouse will make it easier and less straining to get there. On the other hand, if you are already an experienced player, you will see remarkable improvements once you get over the tiny learning curve that comes with a new mouse and experimenting with different DPI settings.

Should You Invest in a Trackball Mouse in 2018?

If you have not used a trackball mouse in ages, or ever for that matter, you might be wondering why anyone in their right minds would still be using one of these! Well, as it turns out, trackballs have their own set of advantages even in this world of superfast optical sensors and we have listed the reasons as to why you might be interested in one of these, in spite of the steep, beginner’s learning curve.

  • They not only eliminate the chances of RSI or carpal tunnel, but make work a lot less painful for those who already have developed these problems
  • When you don’t have enough space on your desk to move your mouse around a lot, the stationary nature of the trackball mouse is a perfect fit
  • Trackball mice work on any surface because the movement has nothing to do with the surface, but everything to do with your thumb movements

If you are already used to trackball mice or if any of the advantages mentioned above managed to hit a chord with you, check them out here for the best options that are available in the market today.

As you can see, the right mouse will differ from person to person, depending on multiple factors such as the user’s physical condition, the kind of use they are primarily interested in and their work space, but everyone has something or the other to benefit from investing in a high-quality mouse that’s right for them and that’s why they do it.

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